Match Me!

I sat on this post since October ’16.  Decided to finally just post..      Short, right to the point!

In the words of my coach this last month, she said that you will find somebody that can match you.   Match me in how I think, my deep conversations, my passions and my zeal for life.  – That’s it!



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Camp. Learn. Relax.

Well, let’s start this with blog with a watch for the yellow hazard poles (because they bite).    After my first night out at the campground, here is the report out.

Trip Notes – Here are my lessons

  1. Watch for cones (because that one time in the grocery store parking lot – when that yellow cone jumped out and bent my axle – yah.. the trailer is now used)
  2. Learn to back up – or at least calm down (oh yah.. it’s great when there are a few folks waiting at the storage place watching your every move)
  3. Make sure to turn on water – yah, I turned it on, but then tried to put in the regulator, and then forgot to turn it back on.. so yah.. used all of my own water during the trip
  4. Get better chairs (like the zero gravity ones).  my REI chairs are great for a baseball game, but not for chilling at the campground
  5. Turn off the Battery & Gas upon parking (think it’s time for an easy checklist to have in the lower storage section)
  6. Stretch before you go to bed (dude.. i’m old.  heck no I’m not..  but still stretching is good).
  7. My friend John’s camping tips helped (blocks for leveling, level placement)
  8. Plan food better (don’t forget your diner in the fridge)
  9. Need more organization in the cabinets (Oh yah.. went that yellow cone was bumped all the cabinets opened up.. ala SH&& SHow).
  10. Need a rug on the floor inside beyond the entry mat
  11. Trash bags (totally missed that) – I kept making trips to the trash can

Now for backing up into the camp site, it was two attempts for success, but it took 30 minute to get into my spot at storage.  I am now convinced that backing up is my lesson to be learned.  I will not give up, I will just keeping trying….


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The infamous #2 Pencil – reaching deep on this one.

A few weeks back I was walking to my Monday class (Mindfulness) and I ran into another student with my journal & a PENCIL in my hand.  She looked at what I had in my hand and said “Oh.. you’ve got commitment issues I see. ”   At first I laughed hard and thought whatever, but then I took an informal NON-random survey, basically anybody I walked by in the hall, at lunch, at dinner, in the office and here’s what I heard.

these are completely unofficial, non-random, no science to back this up & completely recreational stats.. so don’t quote me..

  • 100% stated w/o major prompting that a pencil = commitment issues
  • 1 individual said they didn’t like how a pencil sounds on paper
  • 1 individual asked what type of pencil

So, what did I think this all meant?  Well, my boss gave me a bottle of correction ink w/ a pen (boom!).   I thought it was hilarious, i mean seriously who thinks that much about a writing instrument before they run out of their office?

So I decided to empty out my bag and here it what was inside of it..

So yah..   I have so many different types of pens/pencils based on what I’m doing.  journaling, financial planning, work planning, big thoughts, goals, pro’s & con’s lists.  etc..

Why would I spend anytime on this topic?  I thought it was funny AF to reflect on how a simple writing instruments has so much attached to it with people.   Next time I go to the training I’m bringing a big a&& #2 PENCIL like the coin bank type..   Because it’s getting real.   LOL>

Research notes:  I searched google, found a few articles, but nothing with a direct correlation with scientific evidence.   I also found a lot of cool # 2 pencil shirts, but that’s just to crazy to wear to work..

And as for commitment – I heard all these tattoos I have are washable w/  the right soap.. is that true?   oh snap..

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What IF – the curse of a planner.

What a great way to start a post..  What IF…    I don’t know about you, but I realize more than ever that I focus to much on “What IF” vs. “noticing what is NOW”.   In this weeks meditation class we talked about noticing what is now and recognizing it for what it is.  Meaning this moment is now, look to what is now, feel the moment and let it be vs. “over-thinking” vs. applying a judgement, a filter, a lens on it.   As I was preparing to journal this week I thought a lot about What IF and how much time I spend on extrapolating a given conversation, milestone, task, etc..   I spend too much time on this and it ruins so much, whether new friendships, relationships, good moments, etc..

So..  I challenge myself to stop thinking about “What IF” and taking it scenario planning vs. just enjoying what is NOW.  It’s an experience, just enjoy it, stop over thinking it, relish in that moment for that moment is where I am vs. whatever else is ahead.

How does this apply to my work? life? camping? relationships?   well, I will embrace each as a moment, to embrace as they come and try my hardest to not over think.     What do you think?  do you spend too much time over thinking? what if planning? or do you just live in the moment?

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Wind An Sea Surf Shop

I had the pleasure of taking one of my folks on my team to a local surf shop in San Diego in January and never took the opportunity to share out about the shop and why it matters to me.    So.. let me start.

When I was in college, I lived with my folks best friends in the OC, I finally had the time, the location and the peace to get out in the water actively just about every day, some days multiple times.   While my friends had the latest & greatest surf boards (new style, designs, tri-fins) I kept true to the 9’2″ windansea surf club board.  It was a classic, the rocker, the nose, overall float was amazing and dropping in on a nice face was absolutely euphoric.   At this same time Windansea had a shop on Main street in huntington beach, a great location and tons of cool branded gear.   After a couple of years, they shut down the HB shop, but kept the Mission Blvd shop (in San Diego).

Over the last 5 years I have had multiple opportunities to drop in and see Jim, talk about the past and pick up some great surf clothes.    So.. If you are in town in SD, go by, pick up a few shirts.    Here’s there facebook page -

Now, if you are looking for a new surfboard, their shapers are awesome and I can’t wait to get my next board from them.     FYI:  I’m doing this because I love this brand, not because I was asked to.. (just to be clear)..


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Writing a new chapter takes time

I am stumbling at how to start this post, there’s no clear way.. so I jump in with both feet.   I am on a quest to start a new chapter, to explore more, to reach a new height in what I want to achieve.   (No I’m not changing companies).     What I write about most is about my journey, about the experiences and what helps to define who I am.    Over the last month it has seriously been brutal, lots of stress on all fronts, but what has brought me back to CENTER is knowing where I have been, knowing that any challenge I have faced I have achieved.    So.. with that being said..

I was on a quest to start, but w/ the holidays I was quickly reminded that healing takes time, you need to embrace what is in front of you, embrace the pain, know the suffering and then use that as fuel to power you forward.   (yah right.. LOL  )   well.  so let’s talk about this for a minute.

I was listening to my favorite christmas song this weekend “Baby it’s cold outside” and I was quickly reminded about my prior relationship (marriage) and how we had practiced, sang & then recorded this song a year prior.   The track was awesome and this flooded me with being sad that it didn’t work out, it wasn’t the path for me and I am thankful for the learnings.    In all things I remain positive, I know that the answers are always not in front, but from what you gain from stepping back.

so.. I step back..  I enjoy this ride and prepare for turning to a new chapter.


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Learning from PapaDog – El Maestro of Surfboard Repairs

Plan defined!  Great execution of Surfboard repair 2016..   I’m ready for January surf trip.  🙂

I miss you Frank S.  You would be proud of so much..


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Meet the Patels

HI all. I have so much more to say, but not enough time to write (which I know is a problem). however I wanted to shared out this move – “Meet the Patels” .    I recommend that you watch this, not for the humor factor, but for the core message of the movie.    If you keep searching for something it may be right in front of you already.     I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed this beyond the face value of the movie, but the message.

I am extremely thankful for recent activities and I need to share that out.   It’s just going to take a me awhile to write it with due diligence.


Until then.  Happy Surfing! Happy Living!   ENJOY the journey..


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Trifecta of thoughts

What a great week this has been, Not sure I would have said that on Thursday, but here goes..   I started this week with a sleepless night Sunday due to a critical Monday 8 AM meeting.   The meeting went better than expected and was a major highlight to the last 12 months of work.  However, I was quick to move past it and get right into action (no less than 3 mins after the meeting finished).    From that point forward the week had a lot of challenges, meetings galore and I really needed some down time when it came to Thursday afternoon.  Soo.  I made a game time call to take Friday afternoon off from Noon on..  but yet I still didn’t relax like I should have, I was over ran with work thoughts, planning, thinking, turning, the gears were in full force and it took me over 4 hours to really get into relaxation zone.   Of course at that point it was time to pick up my son and start the weekend of activity..

(I’ll get to the title of this blog at some point– keep reading).

My son & I went off to his basketball game and he has really started to learn how to play ball so much more than last session. He made an epic shot, blocked so many times and then made a foul happen, which I think was just funny stuff.   It was so awesome to see him play, see him getting fired up and how he handled getting a foul.  I am so proud of him.   He reminds me of his older bro & sister that display the same temperament when faced with challenges.   Now, let me tell you when I go to games that I don’t coach I usually put on some tunes and get lost in the game w/o hearing the other parents coach from the stands.   However, this time was different the parents were quiet, the only cheering was when the shots were good and the support was amazing.  but yet I was still rolling some Boys n the hood and then my son hit the EPIC shot, I cheered and the big dude next to me put hist fist out..  of course I gave him a fist bump, but it was funny that there were no words shared, no dialogue.. just a fist bump.   I cranked up the tunes louder in my ears and rocked til the end of the game.   They did great. yah they won, but the team work was all that counts from what I saw.

Let’s continue on..    As I woke up today I took a moment to reflect on the week, the highs, the ultra highs, the lows, the challenges and I remembered from my coaching, reading and practicing that I struggled this week in all reality on meditation, I took very little time to reflect, to be present in every situation and to make a difference in others lives.  I could have done more.   Will somebody say that to me?  nope..  Will somebody say – Josh why didn’t you?  nope..   because it’s my internal compass, my north star that drives me internally.   But I know and will do more this week to make a bigger difference.   Let’s be clear, this is not about completing out tasks, this is about inspiring others, be present in every dialogue, letting conversations flow like a waterfall and letting each sensation be understood…whether is anger, disrespect, love, irritation, joy, etc..   With that in mind as I went book shopping with my son, I took it very slow, letting each step be mindful, breathing and sensing my presence.   The trip was awesome, we talked about school, yugioh (SP), movies and what he was reading in school.  He’s so interested in his reading it makes me happy.     He specifically picked up a book “The Little Prince” and started reading it immediately, it was a book mentioned in a book they are reading in class.  So after we got home, we both read for an hour and then decided to watch the movie.  It was good, sad, but also very relevant in it’s message.   What was the message for me?  Trust your heart, your heart will see clearly vs. your eyes.

So. whats’ the trifecta (Yes I can use that word how I want)..

  1.   I lived through the week, I didn’t enjoy the journey as much as I could have
  2.   I could have been more present and made a difference in the folks around me
  3.   Listen to your heart and don’t get confused by the visualizations in front of you.

Not just the order, but the sequence of these are key..    Journey, Presence, Listen.

As I challenge myself next week to do more progress on each of the three items above, I challenge you to join me on this quest.

Happy Saturday folks.   I know I’m about to get outside again and have some reflection time..    Let’s do it!!!


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Hilliker Strong!

Today, my oldest accidentally “Facetimed me” and I was so happy to see him.   He’s busy rocking his career and achieving his goals.    My daughter is almost done w/ HS (booyah!) and the lil guy (not so little) is learning so much at school around technology that makes me ecstatic for his journey ahead.

So why call this blog “Hilliker strong?”  Well in the thicket of lifes challenges my oldest said..  “Dad we are Hilliker Strong” and it has stuck with me every day.   Regardless of lifes challenges we move forward, we see the good in all situations and we stay as a positive light.

When my oldest was about 16 he created this sketch.    This is just the start of it..


I took his final picture and created the best INK project ever.   I continue to think about it to this day..   Not backing down from you feelings, letting them flow and staying strong on your principles.   Tonight my dad continued this theme for me.  He said that my grandmother (belle) that I loved every moment I spent with her was so passionate & strong for my uncles & aunt that she would take a bullet for them.  I know this to be true after hearing my uncles stories about their childhood and how Grandma Belle was “Hilliker Strong”.   I believe that this character, this trait, this feeling is part of my DNA.

I know my journey continues to be rocky, but when the road is less traveled it is the higher ground, it is the place less will travel.   I remain confident that my journey is about asking questions, thinking and connecting the dots in everything.

Let’s rock baby!

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