10 Lake SUP Challenge

I was out in Clementine a few weeks back when I met a fellow SUP’er that was talking about hitting 4 lakes in one day and how much fun/challenging that was.  I spent a few days thinking about it, talking with friends & pulled out the California Map looking at how I could do the same.   However after much investigation I figured out a way to make 7 lakes happen in one day.  It would require me to be at the first lake @ sunrise to ensure I could achieve my schedule, so I started to put together a schedule with travel time between each lake, including my assumptions to make a lake “completed” on the list.    Here are my raw notes I took @ Moonraker on my way up to Kings beach the day prior.  Also I just finished my SUP gear blog – http://hillyreport.com/sup-gear-list/   Check it out.


  • 10 mins to pack up/down – get in water / out
  • lunch need 1 hour to R&R
  • new water bottle at each lake (stay hydrated period)
  • 30 min minimum per lake
  • 3-5 pics per each place (Proof of Paddle – POP)
  • Minimum gear on the board
  • quick release straps to keep the in/out time fast

Now here’s the schedule I put together.

# Location Time Distance to next stop
1 King Beach @6:00AM 27 mins
2 Donner Cove/Lake @7:00AM 12 mins
3 Lake Van Norden @8:00AM 35 mins
4 Lake Valley Reservoir @9:10AM 25 mins
5 Lake Spaulding @10:10AM 59 mins
6 Scotts Flat @11:30AM 27 mins
7 Rollins Lake – Green Horn Campground @1:00PM 60 mins
8 Clementine – Lowers @3:00PM 43 mins
9 Folsom Lake – Rattle Snake Bar @4:30PM 20 mins
10 Lake Natoma @5:30PM DONE>>>>>>>

I took a goal to crush 7 lakes in one day and that obviously didn’t happen, I did 10!!!    I did have one lake that was only “7 mins”, but that was because I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so on my next challenge i’m packing off spray as well in my kit.

Here’s my POP of the lakes & some great scenery.   I met a few folks throughout the day and that made it even better than the crushing goal.     At each lake I took some video with me talking about the experience, how it went, etc..   NOTE: there are a few bad words in this video.



So.. what’s next..    2 things..

  1. 50 corridor SUP challenge – # TBD
  2. 11 Lake challenge in Tahoe area w/ the fellow SUP’er that I met.


Make big goals, achieve them and then make the next goal.


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SUP Gear List

I was recently asked about pulling together a gear list, therefore after going through a few versions of the list I believe this is the best as of today.    Please send me ideas on what else to add.

Purpose:  SUP Gear List for a few sessions

  • Board / Paddle / Leash
  • Deck bag – “dry bag w/ backpack straps”  (backpack straps are key here for getting into good spots & carrying it on your back)
  • Phone & Key holder (cases – pelican or equivalent)
  • Life jacket or belt jacket (PFD)
  • Locking roof rack straps (to lock board overnight or during a meal)
  • Bluetooth speaker / waterproof – preferably something light
  • Screwdriver – to tighten fin if it loosens up
  • Anchor ( optional ) if you are going to park it in the water & swim or snorkel around
  • Belt for Water bottle – ex:  camelback belt – ease of access to water and you can keep paddling.
  • Straps to carry board for those long walk ins or if you have to park back from a long ramp
  • Water bottles

I’m sure i will come back to this and add more, however for starters here it is..  Next time I’m out I’ll take a picture of my gear w/ their respective brand names.




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How to not bounce your kayak off the ground

Hi peeps.  Hope all is well.   Let’s just jump right into it.  I had the opportunity to pick up a two seat sit on top kayak this weekend, which was perfect timing as my youngest has asked to get one so he can paddle less (i’m pretty sure) and it would be great going with new to kayaking folks so they can enjoy it vs. trying to do all the work.  Net Net: WIN.

So let’s talk about picking it up, putting it on the truck for the first time & then the fun had after all that.    First, I went to see it and was stoked it was exactly as shown and great condition, barely used and had most of the parts.  I was thinking that I’ve loaded 3 person kayaks, 1 person kayaks with no problem so this should be a walk in the park.   I was so wrong, my friend & I tried to get it on the truck, first was in the truck bed. Nope, way to long and stuck out to far.   Next, let’s go on the roof so we tried an approach that I’ll call the “finger jammer” as my friend smashed up her fingers during the load in.  but we did get it on the racks and the weight on this bad dawg was twice my 3 person kayaks (probably not, but sure felt like it).   So I headed home and as I was driving my brain was thinking through every method that I could do..   here’s what I came up with first.

  • mount a pully in the bed of the truck, use rope to help pull it up on the roof so it will guide the boat on top.
  • find wheeled racks that will allow me to roll it on top.  (that sounds fun).

so, when i got home I decided to check out the Tube of You (YouTube) and see if there are others out there that have had this very challenge.   I was not alone the videos were endless and I watched enough to know which strategy I would employ.   I thought thru the steps, I game planned out the unload & reloading steps.   but.. it was raining & crappy outside so I left it on the truck & planned a kayak day for today (Memorial day).

I got to the lake ramp and decided to try out the strategy for unloading.   It worked out really good, I felt like a “boss” as it was smooth, kayak came down, loaded it up, dropped the truck & hit the water.   The paddling was awesome, lake was empty, water was cold, clouds were everywhere, but it was peaceful and very good for relaxing.  I was enjoying the water until I got back to the dock and said “oh sh&&” i guess it’s time to plan out strategy – load on the truck.   I remembered back to the video on what he did.. so here’s the video & then let me add a few items..


  1.  Put the strap on the truck racks, my racks are a tad different so the sliding it on was not as expected
  2. kayak placement next to the truck was equally important
  3. BONUS;  this was not on the video, but feel like it should be added.  If you have a wheeled kayak at the back then you need something to stop it from rolling, like a sandal, yah let’s try that #fail, okay a towel #worked, but now the towel got dirty, wash time.    so..   summary – need something to brace it from rolling.
  4. load the tip onto the strap, pull up the back and slide it on the front, then lift over onto the back of the truck.  You think that i’m done at this point. nope.
  5. In order to lock it down I needed to flip it over to make it a better fit on the racks.  This is where it gets fun, I got into the truck bed, I flipped the kayak over, however the type of strong plastic kayak picked up the bounce of getting flipped over and as you would imagine a kicked in door spins around, the kayak flipped about 3-4 times in the air & met the ground with a THUD.   (the kayak was not hurt, injured or broken).   I had a nice size audience watching the show, so I had to laugh..  get out of the truck and round 2 of load-in, more practice sounds fun.
  6. so..  kayak back on (round 2), I flipped it over gently and a better way of slowly going and then being on the coming down side to let it on the racks.   tightened it all up & hit the road..

Now i’m ready to go with a guest and not look like a DA.   Thank you Youtube, thank you for practicing and trying it before I do a major trip.

Why am I stoked?  I can bring a guest easier, I can also do a multi night camping trip with it as has a 500lb capacity and I can put a ton of gear in the front, so it’s go time for kayak camp trip.     Oh & I’m going to do some mod’s to the kayak to add a few straps and hooks to hold gear differently, along with putting in new seats.  It’s going to be an epic kayak in no time.

Happy Memorial Day.



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Time to rant on about some IPA, airport selections, IPAs defintion & sixty nine days off social media!

Hello, good-day, and yes I’m still rocking it.    So much time since I posted last, but sometimes you need time to just live, to take days to have fun, struggle, be sad, be happy, laugh hard, cry a bit, be HUMAN!  so.   let’s talk about a few things.

Let’s start on IPA, India Pale Ale, yes it’s a thing, yes you should google it and quickly you’ll see how it was created, why it was created and more importantly why is it important right now.  S0, it’s been a good 1.5 decades since IPA kicked the tires here, so why do folks still not understand what an IPA is?  why?   I ask. what IPA’s do you have? I get a “we have a few pale ale’s..   blah blah blah”. stop listening, those are pale ales, not IPA.   So I started to re-ask, but after a few cities I decided to stop asking the question.   so what do I do know?  – tell yah min a minute..

So.. what about the airports? .. what do you mean?  Well, travel has been fun, quick hops, long hops, going where needed. I’ve realized you get what you get, their is never a good airport with new beer.   so.. now I just think, what’s the best I can get to tolerate it..  LOL> jk.   here are some cool places in the airport I have visited..  boston, houston.    that is all.  🙂    so.. next time I fly, my expectations are in check.

Let us know move onto IPA + airport + definition = good times.    Knowing that IPA is still not known & appreciated, you need to plan better for your “better” trips.  🙂

Okay so.. 69 days..   I decided one day, 69 days ago to stop being on social to give a 100 day break, my current report is I have learned a lot, have a lot of stories, some to laugh, some to smile and some to say, yup.. live is funny like that.  so .   I’m rocking to 100..   then we shall see.

enjoy the journey, less is more…….

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100 days for social detox

As I was driving yesterday my youngest asked if he could play a new song from AJR called 100 bad days.  I thought of course, I really enjoy AJR and the fact he wants to share with me is awesome as well.   he queue’s it up, plays it and it really had me thinking.   What had me think is that we have so much social in our lifes that it can be easy to focus too much on that vs. just being present, in the now, doing things you want to do and just enjoying them for what they are worth vs. having to share, having to see what everybody else is doing, etc..    Having time to go explore builds great stories, great memories and it’s all yours, you don’t have to share it all.   I found myself lately in the habit of waking up – checking IG, FB, email, etc..  and realized that’s not good for me right now. I need to wake up, think about my day, stretch, be at peace and not having any other influences on my day (at least at the start of the day..:) )

So.. what better way to do it, then just take a 100 day social detox break.  I’m not sure i’ll last 100 days, however if i can go until 5/20 i’ll have made my goal.   I know I’ll still blog both for me & my work blog, I will still have to be on twitter for work (but manageable), however for all the other apps, they are deactivated, removed from my phone and not going to be a part of my routine.   Let’s see what amazing stories i’ll have over the 100 days of just doing.

what also tipped me on this one?  well, it’s been an interesting time of relationships for me and I know that I would like to date at some point, but right now I’m still figuring out more about what I really want, where I want to go in the future and who do I really want to be around to grow me and I can equally be a solid partner.    My only desire is to find 2-3 good travel partners that can be part of my fun journeys and explore new parts of the globe together.   I’m not sure how to find those partners, but i’m going to try.

So..   let’s see what amazing stories I can create over the next 100 days.


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Slowing down to go faster

Over the last few weeks over the holidays I have been in a constant rush to go faster, whether it’s to complete out a holiday trip, the removal of christmas, to the accelerate thru new year celebration, with each I have been in a rush.   On the work front I have been in a hot pursuit to go faster, don’t stop, don’t slow down, don’t..    but yet I have jammed up my brain, I have left fun on the table, I have not enjoyed the journey..   Today I was thinking about the last two weeks and why I don’t feel refreshed at all.  Well it’s clear to me now, I have not allowed myself to slow down, I have not listened to my own advise of Less is More.    I recently took down most of the lego christmas full table setup. I didn’t take final pictures, I didn’t do a fun zombie attack that we normally love to.. it was all about getting it done and yet I missed the point of doing it all.

Today as I was flipping through my journal I realized that answers to my questions at work were already captured, already written down in my prior moments of silence where I took notes of what my brain was thinking, yet over the last two weeks I couldn’t get to it, I couldn’t stop & see that the answers were there all along.    Sometimes I just say WTH Josh, why are you not slowing down to go faster.  Why are you not spending more time doing a single task and enjoying every moment.   Lately I have been washing my dishes by hand and only doing that, no movie on, no interuptions, just being present washing, drying putting them back away in their places.  It has been therapeutic.  Yes it was part of my mindfulness training and yet when stress hits you hard I need to revisit my notes, think about my training.   Tonight I had the opportunity to have dinner with my daughter, she is bada&& (just saying).  we were present, we laughed, we ate, we enjoyed the time together.   There were no lectures, there was no stress, it was exactly what life should be like.    I did miss my dads call (he’s facetiming now) and for that I will give him a call tomorrow, but I will do the same with him, I will drop everything and be present for that moment, listen to his tales of the new work ventures, hear about hawaii and soak in the moments.

Tonight as I reflect on a few friends that I have lost out of my circle of trust I am not sad, but believe it is for the best.   I will not go fast into figuring out why, but I will slow down, embrace what it has become and I will learn, I will not debate myself, I will not degrade myself.. Instead I will smile and know that God is present.   Yes I dont’ talk much on religion, but I do believe in God and I know he is present.

So..  let me finish with a thought..    What more could I achieve if I truly slowed down to go faster?

Much love to you all on your journey and if you ever need anything, you know how to track me down..


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Resilience is in my DNA

re·sil·ience [noun]
  • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  • the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.
Why start with that? why right out of the gate would you give the definition hilly?  Well, resilience is part of my DNA.   Through all challenges, the resilience to keep going, keep fighting, keep making a difference is who I am.    When the cards are stacked against you, you figure out how to reshuffle them.    BTW, I am doing great, this is just a reminder for those days when they are not going well.
I think that is all for this post..   Stay Resilient my friends..
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Let’s plan some RV tripping & SUP travels

As we get to the 6 month from summer marker, it’s time to dust off the CC and get the planning book out for a  few awesome experiences.   I try every year to set a list of things I want to do, so here’s my starting list for 2019.

  • Hit 5 new lakes to SUP & RV/Tent camp
  • RV trip to Texas & then go north until it’s time to come back
  • Zip line w/ the kids
  • Surf Malibu, Huntington & Doho.
  • Harley Trip w/ my dad

I think that is a fine starting list   I’m looking forward to so many great experiences next year and I am thankful for family, my kids, my friends, my health.


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I need to up my quest on being happy.

I woke up this morning not feeling rested, kinda crabby, feeling unresolved and it took me a few to get my brain to calm down from the hamster thrashing it’s way on my membrane. It’s my birthday and I should be stoked but yet I feel like funk. It’s been a rough go and I always bust my A$$ to be positive, give energy off and motivate those around me. But today I need that back. I can’t remember somebody charging me up and giving me their energy, their passion, their positive vibes. A book I read awhile back was called “Zapp”. It is about two different type of people. Those that zapp and those that sapp. Sapp’ers are those that take energy from you, they exhaust you, they make you feel blah. Zapp’ers on the other hand ignite the inner being you, those crazy awesome ideas just glow like liquid gold. It’s quite awesome when you get zapped. It’s like wow. You can’t be a zapper all the time but you can look fir others to refuel you so you can return to zapping.

Today as I look around I realize that I’m either not opening myself up to others that can zapp me or I’m searching for happiness to hard. Like a Bull in a china shop. Smashing stuff and not realizing that I’m killing my own happiness. So. Today I’m taking a change of vantage point. I am deciding to “seek not, want not” and I will focus on working on my personal happiness. I will open myself up more to those around me and let the China be swept up to bring a new level of piece.

Yah. Not what I was expecting to write on my birthday. But as those that know me, know I speak from my heart. I do my best to be transparent.

So. Happiness on 3…..2…..1…… jk.

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What am I excited about?

Well.   over the last month I’ve tried to write, tried to blog, tried to express the chaos in my brain and I just decided to NOT, I decided to just whine, moan, complain, bit&h about it.  I’ve decided to just focus on what I’m excited about, what I am happy for, what makes me jump out of bed everyday ready to tackle the days challenges & feel the success of it all.

so..  with that in mind..  I’m excited about:

  • Watching my youngest rock in basketball and he keeps going after it.
  • Being a part of my daughters life and seeing her grow as an adult and watching her make her path.   plus she’s got my sense of humor which is pretty awesome.. (just saying)
  • & of course what day wouldn’t be complete with thinking about the big cat (my oldest) and how he’s grown so much in the last 4 years that I can’t wait to see where he’s going next.   I have to stop and think about when I was his age, I had him, his mother & I were just scraping to get by and every day was like a new day to conquer the world.  Now I see him at that age, doing more than I could ever do at his age and he’s owning his future.   I am so proud of him.
  • what else am I excited about?
  • Having a home this year to make Christmas what is has lacked the last 8 years.   I already have started the decoration purchases (no they are not up yet), but I can’t wait to make this home a Christmas bonanza. Including a sick awesome Lego village setup complete w/ houses, villages, etc.  It shall be EPIC..
  • Planning out 2019 to camp more, hit the best beach spots w/ the RV and making new memories, which reminds me I need to get my booking dates lined up so i can go online on the right night to purchase them.
  • Meeting new friends in 2019, fun to say that, but I truly believe that next year I will meet more people that will influence and change my life.  Last few years have been challenging with friends breaking my trust, abusing my kindness and my perseverance has taught me to move forward, let it go, realize it was not the best for me and find peace in the situation. I do truly hope those that have done this find their peace, I forgive you.   I also hope that those that I have not been at my best forgive me as well.
  • Being down 30 lbs, yah 30. If I execute to my doctors request I have 20-25 to go and when that happens I will be down to almost pre-kid weight.. holy crappa.   the good news right now is that my wetsuits fit great, my pants barely stay on (hello belts) and my energy level increases daily (except when I’m traveling 3/4 of the time..   october was rough).  anyways…..

that is the top of my list of being excited about.   I know there’s more to add, but the sun is out, the kayaks are packed and time to wake up the kid to get to the lake to paddle around.

next time you feel like crappa, think about what you are excited about, what is coming up in the future and relish in those feelings & emotions.  Happiness comes from within and it shines thru.   so..  Shine ON!!!


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