Time to rant on about some IPA, airport selections, IPAs defintion & sixty nine days off social media!

Hello, good-day, and yes I’m still rocking it.    So much time since I posted last, but sometimes you need time to just live, to take days to have fun, struggle, be sad, be happy, laugh hard, cry a bit, be HUMAN!  so.   let’s talk about a few things.

Let’s start on IPA, India Pale Ale, yes it’s a thing, yes you should google it and quickly you’ll see how it was created, why it was created and more importantly why is it important right now.  S0, it’s been a good 1.5 decades since IPA kicked the tires here, so why do folks still not understand what an IPA is?  why?   I ask. what IPA’s do you have? I get a “we have a few pale ale’s..   blah blah blah”. stop listening, those are pale ales, not IPA.   So I started to re-ask, but after a few cities I decided to stop asking the question.   so what do I do know?  – tell yah min a minute..

So.. what about the airports? .. what do you mean?  Well, travel has been fun, quick hops, long hops, going where needed. I’ve realized you get what you get, their is never a good airport with new beer.   so.. now I just think, what’s the best I can get to tolerate it..  LOL> jk.   here are some cool places in the airport I have visited..  boston, houston.    that is all.  🙂    so.. next time I fly, my expectations are in check.

Let us know move onto IPA + airport + definition = good times.    Knowing that IPA is still not known & appreciated, you need to plan better for your “better” trips.  🙂

Okay so.. 69 days..   I decided one day, 69 days ago to stop being on social to give a 100 day break, my current report is I have learned a lot, have a lot of stories, some to laugh, some to smile and some to say, yup.. live is funny like that.  so .   I’m rocking to 100..   then we shall see.

enjoy the journey, less is more…….

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