SUP Gear List

I was recently asked about pulling together a gear list, therefore after going through a few versions of the list I believe this is the best as of today.    Please send me ideas on what else to add.

Purpose:  SUP Gear List for a few sessions

  • Board / Paddle / Leash
  • Deck bag – “dry bag w/ backpack straps”  (backpack straps are key here for getting into good spots & carrying it on your back)
  • Phone & Key holder (cases – pelican or equivalent)
  • Life jacket or belt jacket (PFD)
  • Locking roof rack straps (to lock board overnight or during a meal)
  • Bluetooth speaker / waterproof – preferably something light
  • Screwdriver – to tighten fin if it loosens up
  • Anchor ( optional ) if you are going to park it in the water & swim or snorkel around
  • Belt for Water bottle – ex:  camelback belt – ease of access to water and you can keep paddling.
  • Straps to carry board for those long walk ins or if you have to park back from a long ramp
  • Water bottles

I’m sure i will come back to this and add more, however for starters here it is..  Next time I’m out I’ll take a picture of my gear w/ their respective brand names.




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