100 days for social detox

As I was driving yesterday my youngest asked if he could play a new song from AJR called 100 bad days.  I thought of course, I really enjoy AJR and the fact he wants to share with me is awesome as well.   he queue’s it up, plays it and it really had me thinking.   What had me think is that we have so much social in our lifes that it can be easy to focus too much on that vs. just being present, in the now, doing things you want to do and just enjoying them for what they are worth vs. having to share, having to see what everybody else is doing, etc..    Having time to go explore builds great stories, great memories and it’s all yours, you don’t have to share it all.   I found myself lately in the habit of waking up – checking IG, FB, email, etc..  and realized that’s not good for me right now. I need to wake up, think about my day, stretch, be at peace and not having any other influences on my day (at least at the start of the day..:) )

So.. what better way to do it, then just take a 100 day social detox break.  I’m not sure i’ll last 100 days, however if i can go until 5/20 i’ll have made my goal.   I know I’ll still blog both for me & my work blog, I will still have to be on twitter for work (but manageable), however for all the other apps, they are deactivated, removed from my phone and not going to be a part of my routine.   Let’s see what amazing stories i’ll have over the 100 days of just doing.

what also tipped me on this one?  well, it’s been an interesting time of relationships for me and I know that I would like to date at some point, but right now I’m still figuring out more about what I really want, where I want to go in the future and who do I really want to be around to grow me and I can equally be a solid partner.    My only desire is to find 2-3 good travel partners that can be part of my fun journeys and explore new parts of the globe together.   I’m not sure how to find those partners, but i’m going to try.

So..   let’s see what amazing stories I can create over the next 100 days.


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