Path to 5.0.

Walking into 2023, for me isn’t about what resolutions will I dream up, what mega adventure will I embark upon, what is next? Well, for the engineer in me I shifted my focus in my 2023 journey to a 2×2 matrix. So how did I get her? Last night I started to settle into rest and my brain was in high gear mode, thinking about how I want to plan out the year ahead. Last year I wrote down a few goals 1) Keep my daily devotion with God 2) Eat better 3) Focus on my family 4) Work hard. As I look back, on my devotion I have focused this year on what God has done in my life (despite appearances – God is in control), on 2 – fair to good, but not great. 3 & 4 was a home run, Family has been doing awesome & growing, and work, EPIC last 4 years that I am extremely proud. I hope you did as well, from faith, family, health & work.

Now, let’s dive into this 2×2 matrix. Entitled “Path to 50 in 2023”, Here are the quadrant categories: Top Left (Family – who do we actively want to spend more time with), Top Right (Friends – who do we actively want to spend more time with), Bottom Left (Places – where do we want to travel to, stay and explore), Bottom Right (Events – what type of activities, events, adventures do we want to go after). Top half focus is spending more time with the people we love, while the bottom is about Planning & Scheduling. In the middle of the entire matrix is GOD & my faith. I started the matrix this morning and excited to make this a plan come to life.

One area I would like to discuss a bit more this morning is the Events quadrant ( bottom right). Here are a few items that are on the top of my list:

  • Roller Skating
  • Line Dancing

I’ll start by diving into MILSIM, my youngest recently asked if we could both get into a new hobby, a new sport, that would we could have fun with his friends and for me time to bond with the family. As you may know, when I commit I go all in! Oh.. was it this? it’s airsoft. I never knew that the field had grown so much, the quality has increased and the technology has moved at the same rate. It is very impressive! MILSIM is a military simulation using Airsoft guns and going through missions. Talk about an epic event. I have much to learn, much to get in shape for and just get the lingo down. But.. I am excited for this journey and adventure.

The other two items so far on the list, Roller Skating & Line Dancing sounds like a blast to get into more and have fun with friends. I’ve gone so far to see if I can do my 50 birthday part at roller skating rink.. why not.. 🙂

One thing this matrix does for me is to think about the plan/adventure vs. a quest like “go to the gym” as the gym is a means to the adventure not the other way around. Eating better is important for the adventure, but just a means to the end. This changes the mindset for me and I hope to report out more in my blog. Until the next blog.. Stay well!!!

Don’t worry. road bike is still in play, peloton is in play, SUPs are ready for the sun, and the new wicked sick Surfboard has arrived & ready for more surf adventures. Oh. oh oh.. LEGO’s are still rockin.. Huge exhibit in November lego show & loved it!

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