Where did day 11 & 12 go?

Howdy all!   I can’t believe I missed day 11 & 12.  Where did the time go?   Well, the last two days were so busy in work & at home that I couldn’t even find the time to write (that’s no excuse, but the reality).   With that being said, today is all about catch up and I have a meaty blog to write for Day 13.  Uh oh – what does that mean?

Last two days twitter version…   5 4 3 2 1…

  • Worked out – yes
  • Drank water – yes, but not enough
  • Beer – what is that? walked right by and said NO
  • gym – yes, but not enough
  • food – nailed it!
  • Water – – well..  it’s all about sunday morning now..   getting WET..

Okay..  done..  a little over 140 characters, but you get the jist….

Now, your probably thinking.. what about day 13 brah..  well.  it will have to wait til later today and maybe even tonight..  but the question I will be focused on is.. “Who am I?”.


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