Day 13 – Who am I?

Hi..  My name is Josh!  (okay, that’s done).  Yah right.   Not even close.   But first, let’s talk about what is going on with my blog here.   I stared this journey to talk about the water, sports and keep it sporty, fun and just recreational.   However, w/ this latest 30 day challenge there has been a major shift.  Yes I know.   I have decided that since I own it, I can do whatever I like, so I’m going to be mixing it up between water activities and life lessons for me overall.      So let’s jump into the question at hand..  “Who am I?”


Here are the things that I think I am.   Infectiously passionate, rapid dreamer, chemistry maker, dot connector, hopeless romantic, non-possession care’r, Lego influencer, espresso aficionado, shot-glass ½ full’r, caring heart, bold idea’r, …   (this is just a start..  )


What matters to me?

  • I love my kids
  • I love my family
  • I love my career and the awesome folks that I am privileged to work with
  • I care about the world, environment.
  • I believe in “do unto others what you want done unto you”
  • I believe in Karma
  • I do not give up, unless you put my family at risk, then it’s “0’s” and “1’s” and yes I do think that way at times
  • I pick my vehicle based on what activities I want to do and what I need to enable that vs. caring about what it is


I feel I could go on for days, but yet I’ll try to curb this for tonight and end with this..    Who wants to go SUP’ing with me?   I’m headed out tomorrow to have a morning easter paddle and enjoy nature.  I can’t wait to listen to the birds, the wind, water and the paddle gracefully gliding through the water as I move.    Get outside, there’s so much to see.



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