Be like Lou – Day 10

As I kicked off today I had a few goals for the day 1) stay to course 2) get a win 3) move the needle in work.    Well, as the morning progressed it was clear that every part of my morning would test all 3 goals.   As I hit lunch time, #2 was not going to happen/over & done, put a fork in me.   But I went off to delivery on #3, and I did!   However not hitting #2 really tested my #1 goal for the day, it was super rough to stay to the 30 day course..  but I did!!!!    When the world puts you on a chute, look to the ladder and move forward.


Now let’s talk about Lou.  who’s Lou?   Well.   Back in my earlier years I worked for grocery store, doing the normal jobs – bagging groceries, stocking shelves, general merchandise.   One of the seasoned employees who worked in the frozen food section was named “Lou”.   Lou worked mornings and the store was not open for the first part of the shift so you could have a conversation.  Lou always had a smile on his face, his stories of his family, his life and other random facts was awesome.   When the store opened up he was the best at welcoming everybody around him, saying hi, helping anybody in need.   I remember one day, because that is all that I can remember when I saw Lou in a bad mood.  I knew something was happening, but I never knew what it was.  (I should have talked to him more that day).  I remember how that made me feel to see such a bright light not glowing strong and now it is more true to me than ever.  I will always work hard to be a bright light, to be more like “LOU”.

okay.. back to Day 10.   the system tested me today and I fought like a beast!.  I will read more tonight, I will invest in me as a person, I will meditate and clear my mind from today.


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