“Things that move you.”

What every trip needs is a great story about falling in the water, hitting poles and falling


out of hammocks.   Let’s start by saying that it just wouldn’t be an “EPIC” trip without all of the above and a ton of fun.   I think it would be very appropriate to play this while you are reading this post – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYws8biwOYc   “I’m Awesome (adult lyrics)” .


The journey started on Friday, after packing the jeep with gear, it was clear that we would have a solid weekend.


Unfortunately my fiancé (Julie) was sick, however that didn’t stop the crazy awesome weekend from slowing down at all.   We left around 5pm, headed up 80 towards 89, to Tahoe.   We figured it would be more adventurous to go the 89 route as we were heading from the 80 side of town.  Quick stop at Nyack and then it was right to Tahoe City.  We stopped in at a local SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) shop and well, let’s just say I was

quiksilver-sup-pfd-uscg-pddlebr-floatation-device-gry-13-prodenlightened with the new rules around PFD’s (personal flotation device).  We walked in looking for new wider pads for the roof and walked out two new quicksilver PFD’s http://www.the-house.com/qssuppdfg13zz-quiksilver-sup-paddles.html?cagpspn=pla&gclid=CKrD44mNx7cCFeZxQgodeE0AHw  ($110.00/piece), which is a great solution for both Kayak and SUP.  After having it on the board I would recommend getting a few to have on boat/kayak/sup.


The journey continued on to 89, but what we didn’t know was there was 180+ mile marathon going on that same day..  It was a SLOW-TO-GO trip around the lake, but we managed to get to the campsite.   The group we stayed with was frickin awesome, they had a about dozen sites all together, with a food area, games setup and just really cool folks.   I played corn-hole for the first time and it was really cool.  Even asked if Brian could make me a set for Julie & I.  The good news is Dave and I kicked Brian/Tami’s a&& in the game..  (boom!  That just happened).   We brought all our camping gear to get the tent, sleeping bags setup, however the Hunts let us use one of their RV’s bedrooms.. so let’s just say no TENT this time.  hammockfromhellNext morning we woke up, and I decided it would be fun to get my super stellar awesome hammock in use.   I received an ad from REI the week before and I bought it – http://www.rei.com/product/754773/eno-doublenest-hammock.  I also bought an off-brand rope system to go around the trees.    Here are steps on the package:

1)      Put the ROPE around the tree (twice)

2)      Put the medal edge of the rope into the carbineer on the hammock

3)      Sit on the hammock

How did I do it?

1)      Put the rope around the tree (once) – yah..  the tree was big

2)      Put the medal edge of the rope into the carbineer on the hammock

3)      Sit and quick lay on the hammock

4)      Hit the ground on my tailbone

5)      Look over to your fiancé watching you the whole time

6)      Laugh .. pain … laugh

You have to try, but not give up..  So I retried it with the carbineer in the rope vs. around the medal safety piece and it worked.   I’m still voting that the hammock is really cool and if you are looking for a light weight hammock, pick one up, even at full price at REI is worth it.  After that fun, we had an amazing brunch and then headed to POPE BEACH.  Pope Beach is highly recommended for LOW STRESS, easy access and smooth waters.  Julie and I made a little camp site for us and I got the boards ready for the water.   She was feeling under the weather, so I took a board out at a time to get used to the water.   I started with the BIC board for the stability and also the SICK tri fins that I put in over the week.  The fins worked out great, very stable and were pretty good at gliding on the lake.

tahoeI made it from Pope to the “private” beach and then headed back.

I decided it was time to swap back to the blue surftech and see what I could do since it was repaired from the Santa Cruz cracking the board.   It worked out great and the pictures do not do the scenery justice.


While I was out paddling I ran into a local that was talking about their every weds paddle race for chill people (meaning folks that want to hang out vs. NON cool haters).   The convo was cool, but it was time to move onto the Beacon.


We ran into my co-worker Nicki & her husband Loel, which she was preparing for the big race the next day in Tahoe.   We had some grub, drank a brew and then decided we should pull out the boards for the rest of the group.  I brought all three boards to the beach and it was awesome to see adults and kids all enjoying the boards.  I decided that the Laird board is a rough board and not enjoyable as much as I wanted it to be..  so.. I’m selling it..  !   for the other two boards BIC and Surftech they were awesome.   I fell in, a few times off the Laird (not my finest moment).   Let me say for the record I was glad that I didn’t bring the GOPro on this part of the trip.


Fast forward a day of hanging out at the camp site and we to Sunday.  I packed up the jeep, put a ton of gear in the back and kinda blocked my vision (remember this).   We cleaned up our awesome room in the RV and then said our good byes.   On our way out we thought (ok.. I THOUGHT) it would be cool to back up and say good bye to the entire group. I put the jeep in reverse, watching the mirrors and missed this BIG POLE behind me where my vision was blocked.  We heard this loud bang and well… the jeep has a BUMP in it


I checked the pole, it was fine and then headed out of the campground.  Before we got to driving we both took a look at the bang..  It’s not pretty, but as I say.. it’s just a car..  and it has 220k miles on it.. Luckily it did not the boards.

We headed home via highway 50, stopped at of course my favorite uniform supply store in Placerville (y’all know the name of the place), bought a new bag, bandanas and headed back to Rocklin.   Fun Fun trip with great people..

Let’s recap:

1)      Fell off a  hammock

2)      Fell off the laird board

3)      Fell (HIT) a pole in reverse


OH but wait there’s more………    (laughing my stomach into pain…)   – save for next time..

Keep Paddling…..

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