How do you get three boards to the water?

Julie and I were faced with a challenge last week in Tahoe @ Pope Beach to get all three boards to the water without making multiple trips.  We checked out the Tahoe SUP store and then decided we could build our own.   We hit the store this week, found our tires at Harbor Freight and then picked up the rest at Home Depot.  Here’s what we came up with:


While we still have challenges we will keep it going to make it work..   stay tuned for the changes based on today’s lake clementine visit.

FYI:   Lake Clementine – Uppers has a new guard shack.    The guards are stocked and they finally have AC.  🙂

I will leave you with the following..  What if I could attack a rapidup sail to a SUP?  hmm?  or even the kayak?   sounds like a fun challenge..

#Hillyreport – OUT!

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