Dream of Californium and your next SUP accessory purchase

Here we are, first major SUP session of the season and it was pretty darn awesome.   We hit upper Lake Clementine in the morning.  Note, the guard station has been upgraded to actual legit booth.  (don’t forget your poppy pass people).  Julie (my fiance) and I hit the water and immediately I was faced with a challenge. The GoPro Hero3 was charged last night, however I left the wifi activated and it blew the battery all night.  Which means that we only used the Hero2 and just shifted positions 1/2 way throughout the session.

SUP Session

Going Beast mode against the current

What was also cool is that the surftech board help up nicely after all the fixes.  The GoPro surf pads stayed on great, just wish I could have had both cameras running to get a better view for the session.

What have I added to my mix this season?

After watching Chasing Mavericks I found this suction cup bottle holder to be a great enabler in the water.   Therefore, I went shopping on eBay and found this great company – Epic Board Sports – they have a store on ebay – Check out the bottle holder.  Today I decided to take it for a spin on both of the boards and it passed the test.  Bottles stayed on the board and I was pleasantly surprised

SUP bottle holder from EPIC Board Sports

What happens after a great paddle session?    An amazing beer at Auburn Ale House and of course their latest IPA add –   “Californium-IPA” 




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