The infamous #2 Pencil – reaching deep on this one.

A few weeks back I was walking to my Monday class (Mindfulness) and I ran into another student with my journal & a PENCIL in my hand.  She looked at what I had in my hand and said “Oh.. you’ve got commitment issues I see. ”   At first I laughed hard and thought whatever, but then I took an informal NON-random survey, basically anybody I walked by in the hall, at lunch, at dinner, in the office and here’s what I heard.

these are completely unofficial, non-random, no science to back this up & completely recreational stats.. so don’t quote me..

  • 100% stated w/o major prompting that a pencil = commitment issues
  • 1 individual said they didn’t like how a pencil sounds on paper
  • 1 individual asked what type of pencil

So, what did I think this all meant?  Well, my boss gave me a bottle of correction ink w/ a pen (boom!).   I thought it was hilarious, i mean seriously who thinks that much about a writing instrument before they run out of their office?

So I decided to empty out my bag and here it what was inside of it..

So yah..   I have so many different types of pens/pencils based on what I’m doing.  journaling, financial planning, work planning, big thoughts, goals, pro’s & con’s lists.  etc..

Why would I spend anytime on this topic?  I thought it was funny AF to reflect on how a simple writing instruments has so much attached to it with people.   Next time I go to the training I’m bringing a big a&& #2 PENCIL like the coin bank type..   Because it’s getting real.   LOL>

Research notes:  I searched google, found a few articles, but nothing with a direct correlation with scientific evidence.   I also found a lot of cool # 2 pencil shirts, but that’s just to crazy to wear to work..

And as for commitment – I heard all these tattoos I have are washable w/  the right soap.. is that true?   oh snap..

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