What IF – the curse of a planner.

What a great way to start a post..  What IF…    I don’t know about you, but I realize more than ever that I focus to much on “What IF” vs. “noticing what is NOW”.   In this weeks meditation class we talked about noticing what is now and recognizing it for what it is.  Meaning this moment is now, look to what is now, feel the moment and let it be vs. “over-thinking” vs. applying a judgement, a filter, a lens on it.   As I was preparing to journal this week I thought a lot about What IF and how much time I spend on extrapolating a given conversation, milestone, task, etc..   I spend too much time on this and it ruins so much, whether new friendships, relationships, good moments, etc..

So..  I challenge myself to stop thinking about “What IF” and taking it scenario planning vs. just enjoying what is NOW.  It’s an experience, just enjoy it, stop over thinking it, relish in that moment for that moment is where I am vs. whatever else is ahead.

How does this apply to my work? life? camping? relationships?   well, I will embrace each as a moment, to embrace as they come and try my hardest to not over think.     What do you think?  do you spend too much time over thinking? what if planning? or do you just live in the moment?

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