Steak today? – Karma just smacked me like a wet towel

Good morning all.   Let’s start by going back a few years for this story.   One day I went to the cafe in the office and there were these amazing small steak bites they had in the burrito line.  It was my first time eating steak like that (yah.. long story folks on this one..) and it was so delicious.  I remember thinking wow, I’ve been missing out all these years.  Soooo..  from that day forward I ask the cafe guy – “Steak today?” and over the last 2 years it has been kinda of a joke.  I ask, he says no, then i get chicken and move on.   Well, finally they had steak on Tuesday, this week, and of course I said “give me the SUPER burrito full of beans, steak and sauce”.  It was so big that even the aluminum foil wrapper couldn’t cover it all.   I was beyond excited as you can imagine.  I mean who doesn’t want a 1LB burrito of steak.    I sat down in the cafe and enjoyed every minute of that burrito – it was as you can imagine – tasty, filling, impressive..

At this point – you’re probably thinking.. okay.  Karma? Wet towel?  what’s up?

Well, I got home Tuesday after taking my son to Suicide Squad (which was absolutely amazing) and I had major pain in my foot, like HOLY **** pain.  I could barely walk on it and something was not right.  I called the Dr. weds morning, luckily was able to get an apt 30 mins later (very rare). I headed into the dr’s and the dr. said “NO STEAK for YOU!”.   Huh?  I’m sorry one more time…  She asked me..   Have you had red meat/steak in the last few days – more than normal? (duh – of course 1LB of it baby), she then asked.. have you had beans lately (duh – that burrito needed a friend called pinto beans), then she said – have you had more beer than normal – (duh I was camping with growlers all weekend)..  so then she said..   well.  No Steak! light on the beans! and how about stop drinking beer! (this is when I said NFW).  she said okay..  just don’t drink a bunch of growlers okay.. (seriously I didn’t have growlers of beer – just a few glasses of a new IPA from Truckee ).

So…..   Here I am on Meds + Pain meds for this darn foot, slowing me down for a few days and thinking..    This is my karma for asking every single day “Steak today?”.   Now when I get back to work I’m going to tell my cafe friend – I can’t eat steak so now we are back to just chicken………

So.. like a wet towel smack, My rein w/ steak was short lived and yah.    Hold the beans! Hold the steak!


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