Skeletons in the closet – the start of day 9

Good morning all.  Welcome to day 9 (for me)!

I started this morning looking at my closet as I got out of bed and realized it’s just not done yet.   So let’s rewind this for a moment, I just recently moved and when my clothes moved from old to new homes they just got shoved into the closet w/ no order, no pattern, no reason just to get them hung back up.  I spent a few days trying to find things in the closet to wear to work, gym, store, etc.   I made a few attempts to organize it, but it was not clear to me what I really wanted and where I wanted things to be.   I became frustrated, convinced that I didn’t even know what I wanted where.  I thought how could this be, I have slight OCD, so really. WTH?   Well,  I finally just took a few days and said I’m not dealing with this, I’m not going to think about it, dwell on it, or even try to process it.   During that time of letting go the picture was clear, the organization I wanted made sense, and then like a strike of lightning I started to put the pieces together.   While I’m not done organizing yet, the strategy is defined, the shoes are in their place and dang it looks good.   Sooo..   what does all this mean?  Well, you have to step back from your current drama, trauma, life for a moment to see clearer on what is needed – what you want – how it will work out and trust in yourself more than anything that to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is okay!

Am I clear on what I want right now? no way.  but I am being comfortable with being uncomfortable, listening more, reading more and bringing new people into my life that can help me grow as a person.    One thing that I do know today, right now, this moment is that life is too short to dwell on the past, to think of your past as a unorganized closet of memories, in time it will all come together to show you the pattern, the reason for being, the method to lifes madness will be apparent.

Let’s get back to the day 9 program.   Yesterday my youngest asked to join me during my workout and I am glad he did.   He spent the time on the treadmill, light lifting activity and was there to experience the “GYM”.  I’m so glad he did, inclusion is important and not just in work, but in all aspects of life, to be a part of something, to be feel included it is a human need to be valued.     Also remember to treat others as you would like to be treated, for it will come back around – KARMA will ensure of that.  Here’s my daily reminder, written in ink for me to see, think, remember and do on a daily basis.


Welcome to Tuesday.. Let’s rock this!


Thank you Dad for sending me this early (super early) this morning, glad my phone was on silent.



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