No Pain, No Gain – Day 8


No Pain, No Gain.   Welcome to Monday, Day 8.   My oldest son made this for me in wood shop while he was in high school and I still use to this day.  It sits on my bathroom counter as a reminder.  If you don’t go through the pain, there is no gain.  Whether that be in working out, nutrition, relationships, finances, etc..

I have the next few days off to have some time with my kids for spring break and as I was waiting for them to arrive I spent the morning going through about 2 feet of paperwork from the past, in search of tax documents that I need from the last few years.   With each new paper it represented thoughts, feelings and emotions.  I found a picture my daughter drew for me from ~ 5 years ago with a surfboard in between us and it was so awesome, I was filled with happiness for great times from the past, then I found prior wedding photos that brought much pain and a few tears.   Then I finally found a few of the documents that I needed, therefore the search was good.   However, as I was going through the entire stack it was like peeling the onion of the last 6 years of everything, from receipts, statements, house paperwork, vacations, pictures, etc..        So what do you do with a stack that big of paper?

  1.  You organize it (hello OCD)
  2. You shred what you don’t need (almost all of it)
  3. You then get stacks that need to be filed away, some that needs to get mailed to the prior and a stack for the accountant
  4. Then you take all that shredded material and THROW IT AWAY!  Like a PURGE, like a way to say..    It’s a new chapter..   TIME to MOVE forward!

Oh yah.  last night went to see “DEAD POOL” the movie, definitely not kid friendly, but it was awesome, the humor, action, characters and overall was a A+.    Plus was able to spent time with AR (High school friend) and swap stories of our roads behind us.   Overall great night and much needed to escape from the day to day stress for a few hours.

Double Oh yah – went for a trail walk in Fair oaks, ran bridge to bridge (not that far), but then had a somewhat interesting lunch at Sunflower inn in fair oaks.  I should have risk took more on my food, but I had nachos and it was pretty good.  Looking forward to trying a nut burger when I’m not that hungry (bahahaha).   Then of course to finish out a good break from my days list of to-do’s I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on food.   Lots of great ideas there for food planning and now I have a full week of meals ready to go.    #EatHealthier or at least try..   🙂

Okay..   I hear the wind outside, think it’s time to keep practicing the kite flying, I hope in the next 1-2 months I can get my ocean kite, rig & board and really take the dive into Kite Surfing.   But for today, it’s more land flying and learning..

GET OUT THERE!   Make a difference in somebody’s life.


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