Carbon Fiber Paddle – say what?

Few weeks back I had to add another paddle to the gear.  Why?  Well.. it was time to get something really light to try out and also something within the price range.   After looking online, we looked at a local shop in Auburn, CA.   I found this paddle – .   It was priced in the right range for a carbon fiber paddle and easy to reset to different riders height.

My first major paddle was in Folsom – west side of the lake and it was very welcome addition to the mix.  Especially after battling for 35-40 mins to get out of a cove we got stuck in.  The water was rolling in waves and the wind was pushing us back.  We rocked it, however having that light paddle was exactly what I needed.

So.. if your looking for a new paddle, I would highly recommend this purchase.


Paddle ON!!!

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