Anchor Away or Sail on!!!

After a fun day kayaking, it’s time to report out on a few new items that I have picked up over the last 2 months.

The first item was a new anchor, I picked up a small form factor anchor to use on the kayak when you are out swimming and would rather not swim after your boat.   I found this small one at REI.    It was compact, yellow rope, small anchor and by all appearances looked to be perfect.    Well I got it all ready today and threw the anchor into the lake today, however what I found was that if the ground is just sand it will not hold an anchor of that size.    Julie and I both agreed that a “ B” grade was in order.  It didn’t hit the mark, however we were not in a regular lake area and probably not where we would use it.   So it’s going to get another crack during our next trip to see how it does.   Here’s the link to REI website –   Yes.. I would still recommend picking one up for your kayak.

The second item was a Pop-up small sail for the kayak.    I saw this as the same shop in Auburn and decided to run it thru two specific tests.   Test 1) to attach as it should to a kayak  Test 2) to utilize w/ the SUP board.   Well today (july 5th) we took it out on the kayak.    We started at uppers (lake clementine), paddled to the camp grounds and then it was time to turn around and let the wind take us back.  I was very hopeful, my two other kayak travelers were skeptical..  specifically Noah.. he said “it won’t work”.  Well the first gust of wind came and I felt it pulling the kayak.   However the sail wasn’t high enough to get the right consistent wind.   I have decided to create a couple of handles and see if I can get it higher off the kayak and better support to hold it in the wind.   Overall I’m giving it a “B+”.  However, we have yet to try it on Test 2.   I’m thinking this week I will try test 2 in Folsom.

The only thing we didn’t do today was bring the gopro, yes yes I know.. so next trip with the sail I’ll have the gopro on my head and show how good it works.


Until then.. . stay paddling my friends..   and if you ever want to paddle with me.. let me know.




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