Uppers – Lake Clementine – Auburn, Cali

Today’s journey took me to Auburn, which is a normal weekend spot for me and the kids.   Today was nothing different than normal, except the earlier hour provided an easier in/out into the water.

  (Note:  still have a lot of work to do with an intro/outro/music, etc..     )

Today’s Rating – 8/10 Kayak’s

  • Water clarity – Pretty DARN good, overall was a great clarity.  Saw the bottom almost the entire ride.
  • Entry / Exit – with the earlier hour, prior to 9am, it was amazing.  Great parking and right into the water within a few minutes.   Exit was the same, plus was able to use the sandiest part of the entry to get in, which was worth it.
  • Environment – Very friendly park rangers, most folks are nice driving down/out from the gate to parking.   Today was better than ever as I was given a Nice Rolling rock Beer from a few folks on the shore.   The guy was super cool and said “All for having a great day at the lake ..  Mahalo”..    Very cool.   Yes my ride was better after that.
  • Company – Today was SOLO day, but you know that is always welcome as it’s peaceful, quiet and full of thinking about the great things in life.
  • Weather – 84F – not too bad, of course today hit 104, so may have to go back later today..  J
  • Cost – with a poppy pass (that I highly recommend) it is free, however if not, it’s $10.. make sure you pay during the week. They check..
  • Water Level – Today was medium low for level, however after talking to the park rangers that is the lowest it will be, which is great as you can go from uppers to lowers w/o an issue..   just stay to the LEFT during the rock pilling in the middle.. if you go right you will scrape whatever your paddling.. trust me..  it’s no BUENO.
  • What the specific gear was – today I brought out the kayak and paddle board, but decided on the paddle board as this was the first GoPro2 video that I was working on today..
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