Trifecta of thoughts

What a great week this has been, Not sure I would have said that on Thursday, but here goes..   I started this week with a sleepless night Sunday due to a critical Monday 8 AM meeting.   The meeting went better than expected and was a major highlight to the last 12 months of work.  However, I was quick to move past it and get right into action (no less than 3 mins after the meeting finished).    From that point forward the week had a lot of challenges, meetings galore and I really needed some down time when it came to Thursday afternoon.  Soo.  I made a game time call to take Friday afternoon off from Noon on..  but yet I still didn’t relax like I should have, I was over ran with work thoughts, planning, thinking, turning, the gears were in full force and it took me over 4 hours to really get into relaxation zone.   Of course at that point it was time to pick up my son and start the weekend of activity..

(I’ll get to the title of this blog at some point– keep reading).

My son & I went off to his basketball game and he has really started to learn how to play ball so much more than last session. He made an epic shot, blocked so many times and then made a foul happen, which I think was just funny stuff.   It was so awesome to see him play, see him getting fired up and how he handled getting a foul.  I am so proud of him.   He reminds me of his older bro & sister that display the same temperament when faced with challenges.   Now, let me tell you when I go to games that I don’t coach I usually put on some tunes and get lost in the game w/o hearing the other parents coach from the stands.   However, this time was different the parents were quiet, the only cheering was when the shots were good and the support was amazing.  but yet I was still rolling some Boys n the hood and then my son hit the EPIC shot, I cheered and the big dude next to me put hist fist out..  of course I gave him a fist bump, but it was funny that there were no words shared, no dialogue.. just a fist bump.   I cranked up the tunes louder in my ears and rocked til the end of the game.   They did great. yah they won, but the team work was all that counts from what I saw.

Let’s continue on..    As I woke up today I took a moment to reflect on the week, the highs, the ultra highs, the lows, the challenges and I remembered from my coaching, reading and practicing that I struggled this week in all reality on meditation, I took very little time to reflect, to be present in every situation and to make a difference in others lives.  I could have done more.   Will somebody say that to me?  nope..  Will somebody say – Josh why didn’t you?  nope..   because it’s my internal compass, my north star that drives me internally.   But I know and will do more this week to make a bigger difference.   Let’s be clear, this is not about completing out tasks, this is about inspiring others, be present in every dialogue, letting conversations flow like a waterfall and letting each sensation be understood…whether is anger, disrespect, love, irritation, joy, etc..   With that in mind as I went book shopping with my son, I took it very slow, letting each step be mindful, breathing and sensing my presence.   The trip was awesome, we talked about school, yugioh (SP), movies and what he was reading in school.  He’s so interested in his reading it makes me happy.     He specifically picked up a book “The Little Prince” and started reading it immediately, it was a book mentioned in a book they are reading in class.  So after we got home, we both read for an hour and then decided to watch the movie.  It was good, sad, but also very relevant in it’s message.   What was the message for me?  Trust your heart, your heart will see clearly vs. your eyes.

So. whats’ the trifecta (Yes I can use that word how I want)..

  1.   I lived through the week, I didn’t enjoy the journey as much as I could have
  2.   I could have been more present and made a difference in the folks around me
  3.   Listen to your heart and don’t get confused by the visualizations in front of you.

Not just the order, but the sequence of these are key..    Journey, Presence, Listen.

As I challenge myself next week to do more progress on each of the three items above, I challenge you to join me on this quest.

Happy Saturday folks.   I know I’m about to get outside again and have some reflection time..    Let’s do it!!!


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