To live in the moment..

As I woke up this morning, I felt a rush of joy, peace, tranquility and relaxation upon me.   I decided to take a moment and remember to enjoy every moment, every passing minute, don’t think too much about the future, just be here in this moment.   I made a mug of coffee in my new starbucks mug (barely used because it was on a different shelf and has been forgotten- but it is now found) and open up the house (yah my house.. I did this!) and reflect on this..  Nobody knows your truth, your pain, your feelings, your courage, your love, your compass as much as you do..  so there is no path that another can tell you to take. it’s your path, your way.. so “Make it your own way” – Walter Mitty.

Why Walter Mitty?  There is so much in this movie, from enjoying moments to having the courage to go after what you want, to taking risks to feel.   As I think about my next adventure (while on sabbatical) I’m planning to do more of this….

Have an amazing Wednesday, June 20th, 2018.   You know you, don’t let anybody else tear you down for whatever reason they are trying to and reflect on the moment.. right here.. right now!..


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