Motivation Monday – Index Cards, Collecting Skills and Managing Stress

Yo.. Dude!  you started this blog with a huge title, are you sure you can shore up on all of it in one blog?   Well.   Here I go to knock this out.

All the journaling this weekend paid off well with a game plan for the week, the day, the master to-do list.  I extrapolated feedback from my coaching sessions to utilize INDEX CARDS to capture main themes that I want to embrace, key ideas for the team and how to keep my “drive” in place for the team.   Are these company ideas or just plain industry team sayings, expressions and thoughts of success (it’s the later).    It works great to flip through them all and then reflect real time what I need to do.

Now let’s shift to collecting skills.  I am a firm believer in being a life long learner, even though I didn’t know that expression until just recently, but it rings so true in everything I do.  I continue to drive to learn new things, apply them and see how it fits into my life.   I set out with a plan to create an adventure list, with of course a matrix of when/how to do them.  I am on that path now and I can’t wait to share some of these adventures with everybody.   Top of the list for me is 1) how to throw an ax (tomahawk style)  2) back pack camping 3) Yoga SUP .  this is just a few of the things on my list.   Let’s go adventure.!

Managing stress?  – What the heck brah!  Stress comes at you from all angles and learning how to manage them is important. In my recent reading I have really gravitated to the following.   When you are in the thicket of stress, it is time to stop, breathe and then say to yourself.   “I am really stressed out, this moment will pass.. ”   this is a good reminder for me to stop thinking beyond the reality of that moment.  To realize that stress does pass, the feelings do subside, it’s about just realizing that in the moment so you can move forward.   This weekend was one of those times that i had a prime example of being really stressed out and I was so proud of myself to pause the moment, breathe and then show how much I care for another human that was up in my grill.  I kept focused, I opened my heart and changed the entire situation around.   I was tired, wiped out, but I didn’t let any of that stop me from being a great person, great father, amazing coach and a complete fanatic at having fun.

Okay.. so as you approach this Monday I challenge you to think outside the box, embrace another close to you, keep your heart open.   Bad stuff happens to good people, because good people have their hearts & minds open, stuff happens, but I would say that living with an open heart & mind is better than opposite. (Insert your own words here).



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