Today, after dropping my son at the airport I hit auburn, “uppers” to get in the water.  I loaded all my gear, specifically I wanted to get a good gopro shot of today w/ the water flowing today.  I got all the gear rigged up for the paddle and after getting all the way in the water I turned on the gopro (yes it was charged), yes I grabbed a micro SD card, but yet when I turned it on..  it said.. “SD Card FULL”. .  UGH..  I was so bummed that I could not even take any pictures, videos or anything.    And especially since I passed a water snake in uppers it would have been a great picture.

So.. what’s the point of this?   remember to check your SD cards..

1.5 hours of paddling was amazing.  very good to have music playing and just dig in.. paddle harder, go faster..

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