Massage Envy – so that happened..

I feel as though I am catching up on the last few days tonight and hope to continue this thread over the next 30 days.    After this last move from a house to a home the body was sore and thought it best to get it done.  I called up ME (Massage Envy) and asked for my account status, they said ‘well you have 12 hours stored up’, that means I have been paying for over a year and not gone in.  That certainly is telling isn’t it.    I made the appointment and went this last week.   The gal I saw at first glance seemed cool and would be great for my back/neck.  She asked me where she needs to focus, I said “back and neck”, we agreed, I got into position and then it was ON like DONKEY KONG.

What happens next is only my distant memory of that experience.  She was talking to me, which usually I don’t like to talk in a relaxation massage, but I was there to get my back fixed and apparently I didn’t shut up……. until..   she hit the goose egg of a pain point on my back and I didn’t say a word, but apparently flipped up like a fish.. It was quite funny.   For the next say 5 minutes my mouth was too busy breathing than talking and it was that good kinda of pain.     Okay. so fast forward towards the end and dang that gal rocked her job.   The pain is subsiding and I’m going back to a 90 minute massage this week.   My only parting comment to the gal was “No one can usually make me shut up like that” and that was the truth.

Okay enough of that for the night, time to get on the roller and have some more fun w/ my back..   Cheers.. Have a great night and be safe out there, don’t swipe the wrong way, don’t be bat sh** crazy and stay to your course..    – hilly

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