I need to up my quest on being happy.

I woke up this morning not feeling rested, kinda crabby, feeling unresolved and it took me a few to get my brain to calm down from the hamster thrashing it’s way on my membrane. It’s my birthday and I should be stoked but yet I feel like funk. It’s been a rough go and I always bust my A$$ to be positive, give energy off and motivate those around me. But today I need that back. I can’t remember somebody charging me up and giving me their energy, their passion, their positive vibes. A book I read awhile back was called “Zapp”. It is about two different type of people. Those that zapp and those that sapp. Sapp’ers are those that take energy from you, they exhaust you, they make you feel blah. Zapp’ers on the other hand ignite the inner being you, those crazy awesome ideas just glow like liquid gold. It’s quite awesome when you get zapped. It’s like wow. You can’t be a zapper all the time but you can look fir others to refuel you so you can return to zapping.

Today as I look around I realize that I’m either not opening myself up to others that can zapp me or I’m searching for happiness to hard. Like a Bull in a china shop. Smashing stuff and not realizing that I’m killing my own happiness. So. Today I’m taking a change of vantage point. I am deciding to “seek not, want not” and I will focus on working on my personal happiness. I will open myself up more to those around me and let the China be swept up to bring a new level of piece.

Yah. Not what I was expecting to write on my birthday. But as those that know me, know I speak from my heart. I do my best to be transparent.

So. Happiness on 3…..2…..1…… jk.

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