How do you “live your truth”?


Here are my first starting steps for me:

  • Remove the past mementos and give them away – maybe it will help another w/o the baggage involved
  • Do what you want to do.. for me.. if I want to go SUP – I go SUP, if I want to camp, I go.  If I have parental responsibility then I do what my kids need me to do.. (taxi, etc..)
  • Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes, burning up relationships, not being compassionate, etc.. Just learn from it..   I had the opportunity this weekend to really dig deep into my brain and heart around the past.   I realized that I was still holding on to much from the past, why things happened the way they did, what could I have done better, and it hit me pretty hard that I need to let that all go.   While I thought I had already done that, it was just surface stuff, however deeper into the brain & heart I see more.  My path has been a bit rocky, meeting new people, having new experiences, some good, some EPIC, some not so good, however through it all, it is about exploring, learning and then becoming a better person.
  • Create your personal growth plan (Personal, Work) – what are your goals? Even if there is a lot of clutter, think 2-3 years out, what is the plan.  For me I have started to rethink my plans, where do I want to be for my kids as they finish out school, where do I want to go after, what are the enabling blocks that I will need to put in place.  For work, it’s a matter of finishing the story on what legacy will I leave in the next 5-15 years at the company.   What legacy can I leave, how will I be remembered.
  • Get healthy – well this is rough one, when you love hops, but I’m trying to balance this out. Do my workouts outside as much as possible in the water and then figure out what I need to augment the time with.
  • EAT – I know this sounds wonky, but figure out my eating plan. (it aligns to get healthy).   What are the foods that my body needs and how often so I can be fueled up for any challenges ahead.
  • Don’t’ react. This personally has been the hardest for me, when hit w/ work stress, relationship stress, financial stress, competing priorities I am now not responding to it for 24 hours.   I’m letting it diffuse and give the time it needs to process, think and respond in the best manner possible.   I used to call this blue screening 6 years back as I could have my whole day blown up based on one call from my X.   I know try my hardest to not respond until after 24 hours (unless there’s a life on the line), otherwise it can wait.   Time & Distance work wonders on everything.

That’s it for today, I’m sure there’s more to come on this topic and more exploring for me to do.

Thank you for listening..


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