Early bird gets the worm – Tahoe 2015

For me, I have heard the words growing up “The early bird gets the worm” and then it was a  “yah-yah”, but now more than ever it proves to be accurate.

Let’s set the stage, we headed from home to Tahoe around 9:30am on Saturday with a few missions in mind:

  1. Check out Kite Boarding gear
  2. Look at new paddle boards – yes we knew exactly what we wanted
  3. Find a great place to SUP

Well, we drove in from the I80 side and w/n 5 mins of hitting the lake road, we stopped at the SUP shop and boom, there was the board we wanted and it was on discount for $150 off for end of summer sale.   We picked up the board, (now we have 3 boards), and we headed to Sand harbor, but as we proceeded around the lake each of the beach entries had the same sign..  “LOT FULL”.

So… we just kept going, hit a local brewery for burgers and then kept trucking around the lake.  Each beach looked promising and then “LOT FULL”.

We ended up right where we started and finally had an open spot, however it was after the 3, the water was choppy and rocks were abundant.

NOTE to SELF:  Leave at 6 or 7 am, plan better, bring food/snacks and of course. bring the water speaker for the SUP.

Happy SUP’ing and soon I’ll be talking about the kite surfing  journey..

Josh H

Oh yah – sold 2 out of 3 kayaks this weekend, and one more for sale.   I’m shifting to more SUP and Kite surfing, but yah never know I may be back into kayaking in the future.

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