Dotton Point – Folsom CA

Welcome back to the blog..  You haven’t missed much, but it’s time to talk about a new SUP location that I found today.   Today while driving into folsom, a generous bike rider flagged me down.  At first glance I thought he was pissed about something, but he rode up to my truck and said “Hey..  you looking to launch those boards somewhere?”.  Of course I said “yes”.  He proceeded to explain this location that reminded me of a somebody telling me how to get to my first GF’s house in the boonies in El Dorado County.  here’s what he said ..”go back down teh road about 5 blocks, look for a handicap parking sign, you will see 3 spots on the left, then go immediately right, and trust me when you get down to the water you will be happy”.

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice, I put the plan into action and followed the directions.     As I arrived to the location, the bike rider was dead on.  There was one other group that was far away from me.  I backed the rig right to the water and proceeded to eat my bfast, drink my triple shot espresso and enjoy the water.

After getting bfast down, it was time to hit the water.  I jumped into action and had an amazing paddle.

So.. where is this new place.   Let me try to explain and hope you can find it..

Start going east on douglas blvd (granite bay), hit the guard shack.   follow the road straight past all the boat launches and start on the windy road.   Keep going til you see “Dottons Point”.   NOTE:  pack food, drink, supplies..   so you can stay longer.      When you see 3 handicap spots on your right, turn immediately left.    you will have a very easy dirt path to get to the water.   ENJOY!    There’s a few rock pilings that are fun to paddle to and the boats stay away pretty much.

Well.. that’s it for today.. ENJOY the HillyREPORT.

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