Day 2 -full steam ahead

Full steam ahead – YES!.. but let’s reflect.  Last night was a rough night of little sleep, trying to acclimate to the new place and get into the new groove.    After a coffee trip to the cafe it was clear I need some melatonin per KB.  I picked some up at the store on the way home and looking forward to trying.  So how did I do for day 2?

  • didn’t drink enough water (still going on the 1 G)
  • exercise – check
  • all other items – check

Enjoy tonight’s lyrics from twenty one pilots

Sometimes you gotta bleed to know
That you’re alive and have a soul
But it takes someone to come around
To show you how

Here’s to day 2, and tomorrow I will be sharing the love from another milestone started on the personal front.  If you don’t know.. well you will tomorrow.

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