Unpacking sucks!

You know the feeling when you are moving into a new home and you start to unpack your boxes.  You try to figure out where everything goes, how will use it, when will you use it, will you ever use it again?   You go one box at a time and it feels daunting and makes you want to take breaks as you are going to ensure you are breathing, staying fed and also getting ready for whatever is ahead (work, play, etc..) .     Nothing like opening a box you forgot you packed of old mementos, crazy one off items, and memories that you forgot you had.   Getting back to unpacking, you open your pantry, drawers, cabinets and start to put things away (of course after cleaning the shelves, lining them, etc..), you take a moment to look at how the dishes all fit nicely in place, how there’s a pattern to it all and for that very moment it all makes sense, even though it’s just unpacking you have a mental breakthrough, you start to get it.    You stop, breathe and say “wow” so that’s what it is, that’s why it all fits, that’s why I kept those items.    So.. am I moving?  Nope (not yet), but what is the deal w/ this unpacking theme then?

Well.    Your brain & heart are just like a home, I have recently unpacked more of my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts and had a few “wow” moments as I was going through it.  I didn’t expect to have this “unpacking” happen, but I’m certainly glad now that I did.   I appreciate the catalyst to this move more than that person knows, but I’m sure they will.    So now that I start to understand the unpacking I can start to put the pieces in place to reflect, understand and grow as I move forward.

Would I like to share out my flow charts of feelings, experiences that make me who I am?   Yes, but not really, it’s who I am and is very close to my chest.   So..  yah..

Thank you.     HILLY

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