Thinking road trip to somewhere

As I sit here in my comfy chair, listening to “keep the wolves away”, I start to think about how hard my parents worked their entire lives to keep my brother & I fed, housed and on a great path.   The times were different, the money was not something we talked about and I can say that everything I experienced is what made me who I am in my core, my values and my moral compass.   While life has changed, the battles have endured, the loves have been lost, my core remains intact and I am keeping the wolves away.   What do I mean by wolves? The challenges, the hatred, the negativity, the crap…

so how does this correlate to road trip hilly?   Well..   I think it’s time to plan a road trip w/ the kids to adventure new places, new towns, new roads.   No. not right now.  school is about to start.  I’m just thinking of starting to plan something magical, with seeing all three kids in one place at one time and enjoying this great country.    I’m thinking of pulling my RV to a few good scenic areas & meet up w/ my older kids as we go..   I think I can pull it off. . Just needs a little bit of planning on the stops, but will keep it fluid so that making a right or left turn off the path is a-ok..

How does this relate to the first paragraph?  well.  a lot of my great memories of growing up were in the back of the VW van on the road exploring into the national parks, Canada, all parts of California.

Wander on!

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