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Finding my happiness again.

I am a bit surprised at myself for having this blog to even write. I find myself not that happy recently with how things are going (work, life, finances, etc..) and I realize that I need to fix my outlook, my outward presence and definitely learn to love where I am at more than I am. I was thinking about going on a trip, starting a new hobby, joining a new social group and for me I think what I’m going to focus on is the “path to buying my house”. I know there is much I can do, plan and execute on just for the path to get there, so why not make this my focus. And.. with that find my happiness in the journey, not the end state, but rather how I get to the house. So where to start?

  • Less is More ! – it’s time to down size even more of what I have so that moving is easier and just focus on what I really need for my family. I really need to purge from the house so that there is no clutter, I mean there is not a lot of clutter right now, but I want to reduce even more.
  • Reduce my financial stress – with major changes ahead, daughter turned 18, house, etc.. I feel that if I can only work on my finances one day a week or twice a month I can reduce the stress that I put into my financial planning. Checking the account daily is great if you are super paranoid, however it is a drain on my system.
  • Surround myself with positive people – I own this and I know I can do this, I just needed a good reminder to look around and surround myself with positive people that help ZAPP me into action so we can feed off each other. I think I got into a routine slump that doesn’t help with finding happiness.. so it’s time to start.
  • Workout & Nutrients – I started with a great cleanse, it went well, my body loved it, but after a few holiday’s it was quick to scale back a little bit and I need to keep strong on my routine. When I’m in a routine for workout & health I feel spectacular.

Now I’m off to travel for a few days and of course I packed my workout bands, nutrients, and planning to focus on my attitude to get to more positivity & happiness. Here’s to what I learn on this next journey ahead.


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