Patience – where did this word come from?

Origin:  From the English word patience, ultimately from Latin patientia, a derivative of pati “to suffer”. This was one of the virtue names coined by the Puritans in the 17th century.

Definition:  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

As I ponder today more about patience, I think about how all good things come when you have patience.  But this words is like a thorn in my side at times, I sit there saying “come on, Hurry up already”, and I ask Karma to hurry up already as well.  Come on, why do I have to wait.   BUT YET..  that is not what it is all about.   To me, patience is about slowing your roll, taking the time required to think thru everything, be present, feel what needs to be felt.   Is this rough, tough, hard, etc.. heck yah.  I continue to be irritated at how slow things go, but yet in the end the wait is worth it.

So…. why am I spending time today to talk about patience?    I am writing today to help remind myself that I need to have more patience.  I need to breathe and continue to find center, know my North Point and keep my focus & priorities in check.  I don’t feel I have failed on those fronts, but I know that I need to keep my focus & priorities in check always.

A few weeks back I felt very inspired to write a blog about my journey, I recorded on audio to then write later, well after I listened to it a few times I couldn’t get myself to write it down, it was so raw, deep and honestly painful that I had to take a few moments to even write it.   I was not happy that I couldn’t hurry up and write it, post it and share, however my saving grace was patience, I need more time to write it, more time to digest my words and then to be able to share that is another step.  In this case patience was what I needed and I get it now.   So when I ask to speed up things @ work or in personal life I get it more than ever that patience is what I need.

I will enjoy these moments to be present, accept patience and learn to grow daily.

In Other news, who’s excited about the sharks not biting so we can get back to surfing?  ME!


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