June – barn burner – what a month

Hey all,

what a month, too many days over 100 and still more to come as we look into July.  June was filled with trips to Vegas, Santa Cruz and of course many days in the office.   Where shall I start?  well the paddle board was damaged in Folsom by the prison a few weeks back so the patch job was critical as we hit Santa Cruz this last weekend.   I used a nice patch kit, however after putting the board in the garage for a few hours it still didn’t cure.   Papadog (My dad) informed me that the patch liquid I used was SUN activated.  We put the board outside and w/n 15 mins it was done, solid job and ready to hit the water.  (thanks dad).   I posted picture on instagram of it prior, during & after.   Overall the board is in great shape.    This last weekend I paddled out at RIO DEL MAR beach in SC, the waves were ok (no real lefts or rights) but at least we got wet and had fun in the wash.   The only thing interesting about the beach day was the hourly chopper flights over head looking for sharks.  (yah sharks).. so when one passed the only thing you didn’t want to see was them stop above you.. because that meant..    (insert jaws music or shallows music).   so.. yah..  that was not fun..

What else?  I got some good b-roll of my son blasting through some wash on his boogie board on the gopro, however beyond that it was just fun to watch him enjoy the water.  I’ll be editing video this weekend to post and hopefully have some fun clips to share out.

Until then.. ENJOY your day, LIVE your dream, and NEVER back down from what you want.


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