I bought a house!

First, happy mothers day all.  I hope your day is awesome and you feel appreciated for all that you have done & do daily.   Parenting is a hard job and being a mother is even harder than that.   I wish you goodness all year.

Back to the house.  When i sold my last house I didn’t have a plan beyond just getting my feet back under me and making the constant chaos STOP.   Well it took a little while for that to happen and there were a few new challenges these last two years that could have kicked my butt back to square one.  However, it did not.  Yesterday 5/12 I got the keys to my new house (new to me) and I am seeing all the hard work that I have endured these last two years is starting to pay off.   I know there will be more challenges ahead, however for now I am happy, this house will quickly become my home and a place to get peace.    I know that I have seek’d to build patience and I think I’m getting there.  Whether it’s how I will paint the house, getting movers on their schedule, to just the setup process at the new house.. I am actively being patient.

Okay.. what else?   Well..  Let me get this house a HOME and I will share out some of the photos and experiences that this house will enable.

Have a great day..  give a shout out to your mom, whether here or in heaven…


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