Happy Mothers Day

As we close out Mothers day this year, I’d like to take a moment and say happy mothers day to my mom, to my kids mother and my x-wife, whether it is hard times or not, every mother should get a pat on the back.

Woke up today to getting my son ready for his moms and then packed the truck for SUP time.  I hit upper lake clementine, it was LOCKED, assuming it was the rain that hammered out the road, so I went on to lowers.   The road down to lowers was busy with walkers, bike riders and general pop, however the lake was clear of people.  It was a bit cold, but who cares, I took to the water and put in a good 45 mins of paddling.  It was a great session and then I decided to surprise my mom in “pville”, however after getting over there they were already out shopping so it was a miss.  It’s the thought that counts!

So what’s on tap next?   Get the back pack ready for a hiking session and sleep over.  I have most of the gear in the bag, however not organized and weighed out.  Beyond that.. who knows where the next journey will take me..


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