Dedicated to a good friend Christian

After Saturday nights news, this paddling was a bit hard, quiet and definitely a lot of thinking about my family (my kids) and how much they mean to me..   This day was about paddling to think vs. paddling to have fun.   I was so looking forward to spending more time with Christian, riding our motos and enjoying this beautiful state.   My comment to his dad was that our ride will have to wait till heaven…

Now onto the day..

I really like Lake Clementine, Auburn, especially Upper entry point.   I have been there a lot, however today was a bit different for hillyreport.   Today we decided to take a raft we bought on the trip to donner, blow it up and pull it behind the stand up paddle board..   I mean why not right?.   Exactly.    I pumped up the raft at home, stuffed in the jeep, packed the board and off we went to Auburn.   My lil man was the only co-traveler on this adventure today.     I thought I packed everything, however a water gun would have been great for him to shoot me while I was paddling.   Off we went down the “rocky road” as he coined it to the launch point.  I put him in the raft, tied it on the back of the board and boom we were going.   We got a lot of looks and I think folks were jealous of his raft position w/o doing any work.   We went to the buoy and back, we did stop a few times to let him get out and play in the water, but overall was a smooth paddle.  did I feel the weight?  that would be a yes..   it was a 3 person raft, small kid in it w/ light gear, but it was only noticeable if I tried to coast, therefore I kept an active paddle on the way back and it worked well.


  •  Water clarity – really clear, more than normal which was nice.
  •   Entry / Exit – peace of cake, still remains to be a great location to launch.  Only thing is getting there..  which makes it low key.
  • Environment –  great people, only a few folks on sunday morning, however when we left it was about 15 people spread out over the full beach/launch area.  which is not much.
  • Company –  lil man and me today.   I need to find more activities to keep him busy, bird watching and fish spotting was jus tnot enough. Next time..   water guns and maybe some tunes..   oh yah.. a paddle.. he needs to paddle.. even though he said no.. the right answer was to bring it..   (next time).
  • Weather – couldn’t ask for better.   80+ degrees..
  • Cost – Poppy Pass ( surprise surprise surprise).
  • Water Level – same as prior..  good point for the year..   just stay to the left when going downstream..  If not – you will ground out.
  • What the specific gear was – 3 person raft, surftech SUP, paddle, GoPro2 camera and chesty attachment.  Some rope from REI w/ 9 hook carabiner

After the paddling, my lil man said..  Hey dad..  can we please please please go to Auburn Ale House – what could I say……    Of course buddy….  so off we went to get some burgers and beverages.  He’s such a trooper..

I leave this post with this..  Life is short, tell those close you love them.  Cherish every moment..

Paddles UP!

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