Center.   Returning to it. 

I found myself this week with down from too many inputs and negativity around me.  It’s hard to not get wrapped up in the crap that comes at you but yet it happens.    I had to take a step and decided to take a FB break for awhile and just focus on what I need and want.   But not just a selfish quest but one of returning to center, returning to 40 not 120 mph so that I can be a leader for my kids.    Yah I fall down but sure as shtt I get up and kick some butt.   

Today I feel it was all about getting up! Getting both feet under me and then prepare to find center.    I’m glad I’m not done learning but dang it hurts when you grow.  Kinda like a monster workout.      I was pleasantly surprised I’m down 9lbs in the last month (not sure how that happened).   Hopefully that trend continues.   :).   

This can’t all be wha wha.   So I’ll shift.  I’m stoked my kids are all amazing humans , I have my key friends around me that I love and I’m stoked about the next 6 years preparing for the next big chapter.     

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