3 Miles to peace and sanity

After a good day in Tahoe on Saturday, we woke up this morning with a mission in mind.  Let’s go to Upper Lake Clementine (Auburn, CA) and let’s paddle from uppers to the furthest away camping site on the lake.

It has been a few months since we were in Auburn to SUP, so the thought of going there was very welcome.  We had most of the gear already packed from the day prior, having locking roof straps for boards is helpful.    We hit the road quickly, drove to ULC, paid the $10.. okay.. hold.   we have not purchased a poppy pass yet and it has proven to be a bummer.   so don’t forget to get your poppy pass.    Back to it..   after going down the bumpy road we hit to the beach.

Loaded up the boards and hit the water.   Paddled 1.5 miles to the final camp site, relaxed and then headed back.  Wind was against us on the way there, however at our backs on the way back to the truck.  Great paddle, Jules was on the new board – Surftech Saber Black  and she ruled the waters today.   She even saw one of her friends today on the water.   We did pack our fins/masks, however we didn’t really find anywhere to snorkel with good water clarity.   Maybe next trip.

I highly recommend if you are a SUP’er in Nor Cal you should hit ULC and spend a few hours exploring a beautiful lake.

Net Net:  Here’s another tool you should have in your stable of tools for SUPing.   http://www.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11307780  – Solar Water Shower – nothing like a hot shower after you finish SUP’ing.



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