Writing a new chapter takes time

I am stumbling at how to start this post, there’s no clear way.. so I jump in with both feet.   I am on a quest to start a new chapter, to explore more, to reach a new height in what I want to achieve.   (No I’m not changing companies).     What I write about most is about my journey, about the experiences and what helps to define who I am.    Over the last month it has seriously been brutal, lots of stress on all fronts, but what has brought me back to CENTER is knowing where I have been, knowing that any challenge I have faced I have achieved.    So.. with that being said..

I was on a quest to start, but w/ the holidays I was quickly reminded that healing takes time, you need to embrace what is in front of you, embrace the pain, know the suffering and then use that as fuel to power you forward.   (yah right.. LOL  )   well.  so let’s talk about this for a minute.

I was listening to my favorite christmas song this weekend “Baby it’s cold outside” and I was quickly reminded about my prior relationship (marriage) and how we had practiced, sang & then recorded this song a year prior.   The track was awesome and this flooded me with being sad that it didn’t work out, it wasn’t the path for me and I am thankful for the learnings.    In all things I remain positive, I know that the answers are always not in front, but from what you gain from stepping back.

so.. I step back..  I enjoy this ride and prepare for turning to a new chapter.


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