Winter is here… Missing the water

Winter is here and after spending a few moments looking over my gear this weekend I have the urge to get going on paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming again.   What makes it even better is my dad (Kimo) sent me a picture of the harbor in Hawaii he is paddle boarding at this week.   Awesome to be retired for him, but suckage for me to see the locale.    With that in mind, I thought it would be great to start creating my list of next years spots to hit so I can plan early, reserve camp sites and start to think through the gear required to have a great spring/summer.   


so… let’s start.  

Top places on the list for 2014 Spring/Summer

  • Tahoe – North Shore
  • Santa Cruz – Harbor
  • Catalina Island
  • Newport Harbor
  • Lake Clementine (of course)
  • Deschutes ( and actually own it this time )  (Bend, OR)
Still thinking about more, however this should give a good start.    Last year I sold my lance SUP race board and have a gap in boards, now with Julie’s board, the blue surftech and I need at least one more to add to the “Stable” of boards in the gear rack.     Any suggestions?  I was looking at the Boga boards and thought it would be a good classic add, however it may be too sensitive for kids banging around it.  
What else is going on?   Well, it’s time to move to a new house (undetermined location), and start to create a new home for Julie, myself and the kids.   We have a lot of work to do to get this goal completed, however we are preparing ourselves.   I am also going to create a garage system to hold the water gear so it can be easy to get out, easy to store and just cool to look at.   I’m sure this will be a fun project in preparation for the Spring/Summer season.     
In other news, I had my GoPro Hero3 taken from my campsite our last trip (yah it sucked) and I have replaced all buy one piece of what I had.  The good news is I’m headed to Portland to get the final piece this week and then I can have all the gear I had before.  (funny how that works).   I’m also looking at the new mounts from GoPro and really like what they have added to the line up. 
If we talk tech for a minute, I am using my sick awesome 2in1 (Lenovo Helix) w/ win8 wordpress app on it for easy typing, creating, etc..   I’m stoked that the vision of my VP at work that stated we are working to give folks more time to create is a so “real”. . Love it..    Hopefully next blog will be on my Intel 2in1 that I can’t wait to show off..    Okay enough tech for today..
happy paddling, keep your tips up and don’t go over the falls.   
 - J
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