TIME – the one thing that matters

I rewrote this intro sentence like 10 times as I didn’t want to start this post on a negative note, but I also wanted to ensure that I kept pure to me and who I am.   so..  I’ll just start..  Time is important, giving it, consuming it, thinking about it, time is the real gift from another and what you can give of yourself.    I was recently asked to give time for something that I just couldn’t and I have to protect not just my time but my heart/body/soul.   Not all requests for time get a “YES”!   My compass reminds me of what is important, what my north star is, I know I’m not perfect, but i’m also not a sponge to absorb others self fulfilling fdbk about themselves that needs to be said out loud.  Anyways.. so why talk about time?   well recently I have had less than normal, busy time at work and just getting myself to a place of peace and center.

As I sit here at the beach, hearing the waves crashing, wind blowing and < 50 degree weather I remind myself that not all journeys are meant to have self discovery, then I realize that my comment for myself is “TIME”.   Spend it wisely.  Invest your time in the activities that will help you grow, stay true to yourself and also to those that will invest back in you.

Now time to fuel up for a big surf morning tomorrow..  Hopefully the wind stops, waves are perfect and the water keeps me grounded.     Surf ON!


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