Spring – Summer of 2014

It’s beyond time to start thinking about hitting the water.   Today I had the opportunity to hit the pool to catch a quick swim and enjoy the vitamin D.   I was thinking about hitting the water this week and realized that all of my core gear is in a storage unit preparing for the move across town.    I was thinking of hitting pacifica on Friday w/ the boys, but yet the wetsuits are all in storage .     Then I thought well I could at least long board w/ the street paddle – oh crap that’s in storage as well.  So what to do?  not quite sure, beyond planning out an EPIC summer of two things…….

1)   Soft Waves – DOHO style, good breaks, long rides and great riding

2) Find the ULTRA HOP master – 3x IPA w/ the best flavor of the planet

So..  now it begins, the quest for 2014.  Hops & Waves…     I asked my oldest to create the new image of my blog w/ a few details and I can’t wait to see it.  Then after it’s created, the camera will be rolling, time to create a journal of the summer and start using new equipment.

Oh.  and in case your reading for my lego update, I’m going to create a separate series just on that. .  same place, but only focused on the LEGOS.   I am striving to get my Master builder status in the next 5 years.

“Stay above the swell my friends”.

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