Live your “truth”

What a great few weeks, felt like I have been on turbo mode, from New Mexico, Houston, Hollywood, Truckee and of course Nor Cal (home base) in between.   What can I say.    It’s been a long & good summer.   My youngest & I finished our summer to do list, I saw my oldest in Houston and then had a few opts to see my daughter throughout which was really cool.

So.. what’s up w/ the blog title josh?  Well…   On one of my trips this last month I was sitting a table of co-workers and this one gal completely out of fun said “live your truth” to me.  It was a joke, because of a fun night before & a great dialogue on the table (for another blog – maybe..).   But it was a joke, but I have spent more time thinking about that very phrase ever since.   Live your truth.  What does that mean?   I think it is completely subjective and means so many different things based on where you are at on your journey.   What does it mean to me?  well..   I think it means be who I am, be open, be direct, love, laugh, cry, try new things to help know what I want in life.    It also means don’t let your struggle be your identity.  I know the past sucks, it hurts and it does crop up once and again to make me say “ugh”.. but it’s just that.. It’s where I have been not where I am going.

So what know?  I’ll continue to live, love, enjoy life to the fullest and be happy.  If I am not I will be direct, remove myself and set a new course.    I think we all are empowered to make this call and be happy.

okay. in other news, I went camping, it was FUN and I think I know now what I need to get to finish out my camping family plan / list.   Thank you ZINWINEDAD for the opportunity to crash on your camp site and enjoy the amazing friends you have.

Cheers..  (NO TURNT AF – just cheers)






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