Kimo’s Crew surfing Pacifica, stories from Johnny and fun..

What makes an EPIC surf trip?  Well, it’s a combination of the people, the place, the adventure to get there and what happens when your there.  If the water is so-so, well then it is..but it’s not all about the surfing.    On Monday, I was invited to join the crew on their summer trip to Pacifica, which included Wes, Johnny, Kimo, Brandon, Rich and Leland.  Since I was heading from Rocklin vs. Placerville, I drove my jeep down to the beach.  I reached Pacifica around 8:30 and the surf was amazing. Sets were rolling in w/ good breaks in between them.  What that means is that you have an opportunity to paddle out without getting your but handed to you on each crashing wave.   I gave the guys a call and let them know we were in store for a great day..  Well in 30 mins when they arrived it had turned to sets without breaks and it stayed that way all day…..   Wes coined it perfectly “the waves relentless” and I would have to agree.  4 hours of getting pounded is brutal.


this trip reminded me of going on surf trips with my dad & frank starr.  We would hit great surf spots in so-cal and focus on the adventure vs. the actual surf.   It was always a great day, not just because you got major air off the lip or that you dropped into a glassy face  on a right, but that you had fun the whole day.   From the mocha, warm banana to the fun VW van ride back home.  It was the total adventure that matters and this is exactly what my dad is all about.  From the moment the crew arrived to the moment they left back home it was awesome.


How were the waves?  brutal – do I care – not really.. I got to spend the day w/ a crew of guys that were having a blast.  The stories were flying, we spoke of motorcycles, accidents, women, water, brewing beer..    Nothing finer than this..


So what about the food & beverages?   Well it was a N/A day, which is okay, but lunch at Taco Bell was let’s just say standard..  (ha ha ha)..


Of the footage, what you will notice….   it was relentless..   ENJOY!!


  • Water clarity – not so much..  it was dark, not much clarity and seaweed.
  • Entry / Exit – very nice beach, overall excellent for the family to hang out while  you surf, build sand castles or just lay out and enjoy the weather.
  • Environment –  Friendly, very much a peaceful culture.  guys parked next to me were very nice and everybody walking by was very friendly.
  • Company – Kimo’s crew – EPIC!! No wonder why I use that term all the time, he has taught me EPIC and he shows it.   (Love you dad — you are the true spirit of EPIC)
  • Weather – foggy when I arrived, but by 10 am was blown out over the beach and beautiful.. think I burned my head..  (LOL)
  • Cost – FREE, just the gas to get there..   so you decide if that’s free..
  • Water Level – HI & Low tide were on track..
  • What the specific gear was:  Surftech 11’6″ generator SUP, Surftech bolsa covered board, Softtop 10’6″ board, GoPro2 camera, GoPro chesty, Wax, Leashes, bogey board w/ fins.

What did I learn?

* paddle boarding in the ocean is not like on the lake (period)

* GoPro2 Chesty strap needs to be TIGHT (period)

* Have FUN.. regardless if your getting pounded.. took me a bit to remember this.. (wave – smack – wave – smack- oh yah. I get it….. )

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