July 10th – A day of exploration

Hello all.  As I went to bed last night I had a song on my mind “Rivers & Roads” and was thinking how to make my Sunday that I would remember for a long time.   With that in mind I loaded up the truck and hit the road @ 7:30AM.  First stop was bullards bar, I did pass collins lake and will definitely stop next time, however for today I was way too focused on my first stop.   I hit the boat launch, however it was near the marina (meaning hard as F to get the car parked, go to the dock, etc..  blah blah blah)..  However as I was on my way down, this random boat owner asked for a ride down to the marina.. I said yes..  why?  He looked like he knew the place.  I was right!.  I asked where to go and he said that Dark Day is a better place for SUP and I took his recommendation. I left there, headed to Dark Day.   I thought I was all Bada&& when I pulled my California State Poppy Pass out to only find out it’s a National park and free to enter. (insert foot in mouth).   So after talking to the park ranger I was off to the launch.  It was exactly as Sara had said..   beautiful, greenish blue and amazing coves.   I brought my snorkling gear, but the water wasn’t that clear, just beautiful in color, especially with polarized lenses on.    Would I recommend this for everybody – YES!  Next time I will pack a lunch, bring my umbrella & chair to enjoy it more than I did.

I took off from Dark Day to head towards Mountain Recreation shop in Grass Valley. My goal was to buy a new fin from them for clementine due to the rocky shallow water.  Well I was out of luck, but always good to check out their new boards from Boga Boards.    After that I was back on the freeway down Highway 49…..    then I had that moment…    what could I do today? what would make me happy?  Well I shot a quick video on it and then decided to follow Courtney’s advise from OOB, hit Sugar Pine..  so I set the GPS and drove away..   I went up to foresthill, then after 9 miles of driving past northbound I came to Sugar Pine.  I went to the first boat launch, not really that good and not as awesome as I thought.  I took a chance and kept driving, I hit the next point (day use) and drove in another 2 miles.  It was amazing.. OMG. It was so good.   I loaded up the board, walked down to the water and hit it.   Close to shore was so clear that when I got to snorkling it was amazing.. I found a few trash items, cool stumps to look at it, but overall was just amazing.   This was another moment that I wished I packed better.

Let’s pause, what should I have packed:

  • Water – MORE
  • Outdoor shower filled up
  • camping SOAP – hit the bathroom – yucky..
  • MY shoulder strap for the SUP
  • Umbrella
  • Hammock w/ straps – there were trees everywhere
  • Speaker – bose travel speaker

Okay.. so back at it..  after a long fun trip back to auburn, hit moonrakers & knee deep – food selections were either not there or just ugh.. so no beer..  headed to OOB and of course doggystyle hot dogs was there (which hit the spot for now).

I have a few videos I shot and I will try to post those soon, however for now.. here’s the trip docket w/ pictures from today..




I will leave you with this for today.. when I was passing a church in Marysville I saw this on their board.   “Don’t let your struggle become your identity”.   Take a moment and really think about that.   My struggle is dealing with all the stressors in life, from the past and present.   I have realized this has started to become my identity.  Well.  I’m changing that starting today. My identity is one of family, love, infectious passion, fun, happy…     I am returning to my core and I will not let my struggles become my identity.

One more final thought.  I heard this song on Pandora this last week and I really like it..  “Woke the F&&& UP”.   it talks about finally waking up and realizing what you need to do to be happy.

Onward to Happiness.


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