Jenkinson Lake – Pollock Pines, Cali

Saturday (7/21/12) was a first for me, after a little planning I was off to Jenkinson lake , Pollock Pines, Cali.  Had the pleasure of having a friend join me and she did great paddling for her first time.


Rating – 8/10 Kayaks

  • Water clarity – Not so much – even after a mask & fins it was hard to the see the bottom most of the way.  .
  • Entry / Exit – this was a normal boat dock entry, therefore it was a little more rushed than normal and was a unload, drive up the hill, park and walk back thru a nice dirt trail.  The walk was pretty cool, however highly recommend that you wear a better shoe than a sandal.
  • Environment –  very peaceful place, not a lot of boats, most folks were nice..
  • Company – Met a new friend for this trip and it was great.  She was a team player, positive energy and overall made the trip great.
  • Weather – AMAZING in Pollock Pines..  so so great.    11AM launch, time of day was perfect.
  • Cost – $10.. it’s EID so no Poppy Pass helps here..  so bring cash or hit the store across the street or off the freeway if you are coming this way.
  • Water Level –  Amazing..   looked full.   Only rocks that we hit were when we went way up into one of the coves and then we grounded out for a bit.
  • What the specific gear was – 2 Ocean kayak – Malibu XL’s (3 person).
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