If I could turn back time.. to the good old days..


Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,

When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out. – 21 pilots

Today, is now.  I am here.  I am home!   Thank you to a life long friend (HS) for this great photo years back.   This is exactly how I feel today.  Embracing the now!   I woke up this morning, cleaned the casa, dishes, laundry, vacuum, counters, etc.   It was a great morning and then off to the lake to catch some water.  Folsom lake was busy, crowded, lame.. so after two guard shack entrances I moved onto to Negro Bar, Folsom. It was awesome..   paddled up to rainbow bridge and then back to the dock.  Peaceful – yes, relaxing – yes. cardio – yes.   🙂

Now let’s talk a little bit about organization..  today I took another shift forward in organization.  I had two areas that really made me irritated.   Socks & DVDs..  so I battled both.    Organized all my socks by work, sports, shorties, long & winter.   DVD’s all sorted by title letter and just mixed up kids vs. adult.  so much easier.  what else?  I purged all the titles that are just crap, that I don’t like, won’t watch, didn’t go away w/ a prior.. (etc..)   lol.


Yes I have pictures of the DVD’s before & after, but i’m holding that for a future blog.. (yah never know).

so.. what’ s on tap for this week?  back to the 30 day.  Gym accountability for April with my team and then also focus on financial freedom.

So back to the water topic.. I was able to pick up a poppy pass, if you want to SUP or swim – give me a shout out..



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