Hilliker Strong!

Today, my oldest accidentally “Facetimed me” and I was so happy to see him.   He’s busy rocking his career and achieving his goals.    My daughter is almost done w/ HS (booyah!) and the lil guy (not so little) is learning so much at school around technology that makes me ecstatic for his journey ahead.

So why call this blog “Hilliker strong?”  Well in the thicket of lifes challenges my oldest said..  “Dad we are Hilliker Strong” and it has stuck with me every day.   Regardless of lifes challenges we move forward, we see the good in all situations and we stay as a positive light.

When my oldest was about 16 he created this sketch.    This is just the start of it..


I took his final picture and created the best INK project ever.   I continue to think about it to this day..   Not backing down from you feelings, letting them flow and staying strong on your principles.   Tonight my dad continued this theme for me.  He said that my grandmother (belle) that I loved every moment I spent with her was so passionate & strong for my uncles & aunt that she would take a bullet for them.  I know this to be true after hearing my uncles stories about their childhood and how Grandma Belle was “Hilliker Strong”.   I believe that this character, this trait, this feeling is part of my DNA.

I know my journey continues to be rocky, but when the road is less traveled it is the higher ground, it is the place less will travel.   I remain confident that my journey is about asking questions, thinking and connecting the dots in everything.

Let’s rock baby!

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