Getting stuck is NOT KEWL at all.

Sand ..  Sand ..    Sand … 

NO bueno is the sand that sticks to my jeep wheels and makes me stop in my tracks..   

Earlier this year I told myself no more getting stuck when out on an adventure.   I waited til the time was right and I finally went out and upgraded to the F150 Super crew cab 4×4.  It’s a 2007, completely rocks and already getting it geared up for the season ahead.   

I bought a few items right out of the gate, Yakima new roof mounts, bed liner was already installed (score) and then I got the bike rear bed cover that I could use w/ the kayaks.   The truck is working out great so far and I’m excited to see how much farther it will take us this next season.  

What’s next?  GoPro truck mounts, definitely an open and need to get some long term mounts installed for ease of use and capturing the journey ahead.



Stay paddling my friends..



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